101 Photography Tips In 10 Words Or Less

I have been challenging myself to find more valuable content for y’all and decided instead of making a bunch of short posts containing mini-tips, I would give you 101 Photography tips that are 10 words or less each. If you have a specific question on a topic or would like me to elaborate, please let me know.



101 Quick & Easy Photography Tips in just 10 Words or Less

  1. Get to know your equipment inside and out.
  2. You can never learn too much.
  3. Equipment isn’t everything. Use what you have and work it!
  4. Keep an eye on your light meter.
  5. Learn something new? Try it out right away.
  6. Watch your focus.
  7. keep shooting. Don’t ever stop.
  8. Have confidence in yourself and your work. (#1-8 from Toni.)
  9. Learn to stand up for yourself.
  10. Do not lower your value.
  11. Once in a while, just shoot for yourself.
  12. Take suggestions, apply cautiously. (#9-12 from MBM Photographs)
  13. Slow down.
  14. Master your camera before upgrading.
  15. You are not “cheating” by post-processing.
  16. Backup your photos… again… and again.
  17. Auto focus is your friend.
  18. Program modes are okay to use… sometimes.
  19. Bounce the flash off of something.
  20. Pre-visualize each shot.
  21. Don’t forget the lens cap.
  22. Half-press the shutter button to focus.
  23. Find ways to create movement in your pictures.
  24. Fill the frame, eliminate the distractions.
  25. Direct the scene to your desires.
  26. Leave space for subjects to “look in to.”
  27. Look for interesting patterns, colors and textures.
  28. Shoot from the subject’s point of view.
  29. Higher ISO equals more grain.
  30. Odd numbers are pleasing to the eye.
  31. If it’s too bright, increase shutter speed.
  32. If it’s too bright, use bigger F-stop.
  33. If it’s too bright, decrease ISO.
  34. If it’s too dark, decrease shutter speed.
  35. If it’s too dark, use smaller F-stop.
  36. If it’s too dark, increase ISO.
  37. A faster shutter equals sharper images.
  38. f/16 is perfect for full sun.
  39. Focus on the subject’s eyes for portraits.
  40. Shoot RAW for maximum control.
  41. Take it easy on the clarity slider.
  42. Use a tripod with slow shutter speeds.
  43. Keep elbows tucked in close when shooting.
  44. A DSLR is NOT required for great photographs. Period.
  45. Always pay attention to lighting. (Thanks, JGB Photographic!)
  46. Always BE (in the moment.) Thanks, In a Blink Photography!
  47. It’s not about the gear, it’s about YOU. (Thanks, Tony!)
  48. Always ask permission out of respect.
  49. Carry your camera everywhere.
  50. Join a photographic community… or ten.
  51. Always sign a contract agreement (when dealing with money.)
  52. Don’t bully or criticize other shutterbugs.
  53. Only give constructive criticism when it is requested.
  54. Tell a joke for a natural smile.
  55. Always be present when shooting.
  56. Use small, tasteful watermarks.
  57. Learn back button focus- yesterday.
  58. Traditional photography schooling is not necessary.
  59. Shoot during the Golden Hour(s) for amazing lighting.
  60. Don’t forget to charge the batteries before shooting.
  61. Change your perspective to add variety to posing.
  62. Photography is a compromise, not magic.
  63. Buy books, not gear.
  64. A great photo should tell a story.
  65. Find and capture beauty in the ordinary.
  66. Keep shooting. Look at the images later.
  67. Keep your horizon lines straight.
  68. Hold your camera correctly.
  69. Expensive gear does not equal better photos.
  70. Establish a workflow to speed up post-processing.
  71. Canon is not better than Nikon.
  72. Nikon is not better than Canon.
  73. Never shoot with the sun directly behind you.
  74. Use your histogram.
  75. Save you back, carry less gear.
  76. Always monitor the background.
  77. KISS: Keep it simple, stupid shutterbug.
  78. Try to learn about yourself through your art.
  79. The best photo opportunities are everywhere, all the time.
  80. Print your photos after you calibrate your monitor.
  81. Use one shot focus if you and subject are still.
  82. Use AI Servo if you and/or subject are moving.
  83. Use a grid for the rule of thirds.
  84. Use a second computer monitor for processing.
  85. Youtube has a ton of free, amazing tutorials.
  86. It is better to UNDER expose than OVER expose.
  87. A noisy photo is better than a blurry one.
  88. Polarizing and UV filters can protect your lenses.
  89. Pan with moving subjects for isolated motion.
  90. Experiment with shutter speed and light.
  91. Expose for back lighting to shoot a silhouette.
  92. Make sure your white balance is accurate.
  93. Use sun flare to enhance images.
  94. Sometimes you need Photoshop, sometimes you don’t.
  95. Never add bokeh in post-processing, it looks very unnatural.
  96. Create shaped bokeh by taping cutout paper to the lens.
  97. More direct light equals harsher shadows.
  98. Use inspiration from anywhere, everyone and anything.
  99. Learn as many different techniques as you can.
  100. Candid portraits are just as beautiful as posed ones.
  101. Break all of the “rules.”

Have a tip (or tips!) to add? Pop it in the comments below!

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