7 Steps To Ooze Confidence And Rock Your Photo Shoot

The biggest concern I hear whenever I photograph a new client is “I am so awkward in front of the camera! How can I gain more confidence before my shoot?”

I get it! You are trying to freeze a single moment of yourself which you can critique over and over in your mind for years to come. You want to look PERFECT. Maybe you are normally an outgoing person but freeze up in front of a camera. 

Don’t worry! I would say (in a super non-scientific way!) that over half of my clients worry about how to really rock their photo shoot. You want the MOST from your treasured images, right?

 In this post, I am going to hand you SEVEN steps you can take RIGHT NOW to ooze confidence and kick that self-doubt to the curb, baby!


First things First: Decide WHO you want to be… and  BE HER (or him.)

The first step in just about anything you do is getting clear on purposes and intentions. What KIND of confidence are you after?

But Chelsea, are there REALLY different kinds of confident? Isn’t confidence just confidence?

And to that, I say absolutely not! Your idea of confidence might be drastically different from mine and that is OKAY. All you need to do at this point is decide and define who you want to be, and then just be that person. 

2nd: Those who can’t handle seeing you this confident WILL react negatively. Keep going anyway.

As a result of your new-found confidence and as you start to shift into a place of power, you may notice something strange about the people around you.

Almost always, once you begin to OWN YOUR TRUTH, there will be those who see YOU as the reflection of who THEY WANT to be… and they do not like it.

Never (like…EVER!) let the opinions of others second guess yourself. Keep going anyway. 

Dance like nobody is watching.

Love like you have never been hurt.

Work like you don’t need the money.

Sing like nobody is listening.

Live like it’s Heaven on Earth.

3rd: Surround yourself with powerful, like-minded people who inspire you.

You may have heard before that you are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

I believe this to be absolutely true. But did you know that you CONSTANTLY need to re-assess who you allow into your space? It is possible to outgrow those around us as we continue to develop and grow.

By surrounding yourself with people making waves, you will become inspired quickly and more often. 

Here are (some) signs that it’s time to adjust your circle: 

  • None of your circle “gets” what you are doing with your life/business/hobby.
  • You feel jealous/angry when you see what your circle is doing.
  • Everyone in your circle makes less money than you.
  • Your circle causes you anxiety.
  • You are being put-down by others in your circle.
  • You feel pressured by and competitive with others in your circle

Psst… if you are not sure where to find some peeps to add to your circle, I invite you to join one of my free mastermind groups! You can join Photography Youniversity or Biz Besties and connect with others instantly.

4th: Tend the fire. Keep the flames of passion burning.

The fire that drives your soul and aids you in walking with purpose propels you out of bed every day; Harness it and use it to the best of your advantage. Anything less is a waste of potential.

This is the part where your “WHY” comes into play. As I said before, intention is everything! There might come a point where you will want to just stop dealing with some of the icky feelings that can pop up when you start living as the real you. 

At this point, it is up to YOU to own it and commit to breaking through and maintaining your new-found confidence.

5th: Soak it all in. Be present.

Celebrate every single win. Each win that you celebrate takes you one step further towards your goals. That momentum is absolutely essential to your journey.

Celebrate every single failure.

I know, I know.. “wah, wah.. Chelsea, I failed and now I am sad and there goes all my confidence…”

I call BS! So what you failed? What does that mean? The only thing failing tells me is that you tried something, it didn’t work and NOW you are one step closer to the thing that “clicks!” 

6th: Get cozy with fear.

Push yourself out of your comfort zone at every opportunity.

Fear is the #1 confidence-killer. Luckily, your mind has the POWER to lock that fear away! 

Fear tells us:

  • You’re not fooling anybody- They know “the real truth” about you.
  • You need MORE.
  • You feel a certain way.

These are all lies. Do not believe them. 

Instead, realize that by understanding these fears, you can instantly take away their power. You can also take that power and harness it into WHATEVER you desire. 

Allow yourself to feel the fear that you feel, and keep going anyway.

7th: Fake it til ya make it, baby!

In the end, we are all just messy humans. 

We are taught from a young age that the only way to matter is to be accepted by those around you. I mean, think about it. We learn “habits” and “rules” to follow as early as before we are walking. 

In school, you must do THIS a certain way.

At work, you must dress THIS certain way.

At home, treat your family like THIS.

Well, I am telling you to stop doing THIS and start doing THAT. 

So what if you can’t do the Whip/Nae Nae? Do it!

So what if you want to be a famous singer but can’t carry a tune? Sing it!

So what if you aren’t confident in front of the camera? Bring it!


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