Why Art Is Important For Creatives And Entrepreneurs

Digital Art Tools For Creative Entrepreneurs

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Hello, creatives and entrepreneurs!!

I hope your week has been amazing so far! The family and I have been cooped up inside for a few days while Hurricane Hermine did her thang here in Florida. One way we enjoyed the time as a family (because electronics and lightning just DO NOT MIX) was by crafting! We try to make a habit of doing arts and crafts on Sundays. But also found ourselves taking on more “creative projects” while we hunkered down for the storm. I’m also triggered (anxiety) by storms, so doodling was  much-needed. I welcomed the distraction from the fury that was unleashed outside! Moving on…

In my “A to Z’s of being an Introverted Entrepreneur” post, the FIRST letter “A” stands for ART, so today I am going to share one of my favorite art tools.

Art in Business: Why is it even important?

Let’s be real for a second, m’kay?

Business can be b.o.r.i.n.g. It can also be stressful, overwhelming and a downright headache if I’m honest. But art is like therapy. Art provides you with much-needed “me” time. You can “fill up your cup” while spilling over in a positive way to other aspects of your life, such as business and family.

It may not seem like a top priority at first, especially when you are struggling  to deal with sales. (Let’s not even get into worrying about technical stuff, customer service, branding, finances, legal, etc.) But art will give you the foundation and frame of mind of mind  that you will need to even begin to tackle those obstacles, especially if you are feeling stuck anywhere.

There’s also some REAL health benefits

According to this article on The Huffington Post, here are some additional benefits of art.


  • helps you concentrate and get centered.
  • makes you a more productive person.
  • keeps you in the present moment.
  • provides an outlet for everyday creativity.
  • helps you generate ideas that lead to amazing innovations.

Basically, art puts you in the headspace and mind frame that is essential to problem-solving. (And you already know that being a leader will require TONS of problem-solving from you!)

But here’s the problem…

You have too many damn excuses. And I totally get it!!

  • THINGS GET MESSY. Sometimes even thinking about the sheer amount of disgusting gloop that is created when I *try* to attempt a craft project is not only depressing but down right annoying. I love to bake and add glitter to everything I own, but the mess that I am bound to create sometimes stops me dead in my tracks before I even pull out the ‘ol craft box. Glitter, hello!
  • IT TAKES FO’EVA! If you’re anything at all like me… you have a whole lotta vision but not a whole lotta patience. I just do not have 8 hours most days to anxiously wait for my noodle masterpiece to dry before proudly displaying it on the wall.
  • CRAFTS ARE EXPENSIVE. I mean, who would pay 4 bucks for a pre-made item when you could just craft it for $86 worth of craft supplies?!
  • I AM JUST TOO BUSY. If I can’t do it while watching a YouTube tutorial, replying to emails, cooking dinner and giving my son a bath, I can’t do it period. (But for real, though, the multi-tasking struggle is just too real…)

My solution: Digital Art Tools 🙂


A friend of mine (who manages a retail store) recently gave me my son a set of Crayola digital art tools to play with. After downloading the app and a few hours of fun doodling, true to nature, Aidan yawned and ran back to his room to do other 4-year-old-boy stuff.

I have been stuck in a rut and burnt out from wracking my brain on what the next step for my blog should be. I decided to just put those issues on the back burner and play with the nifty little toy we were gifted with. Boy, oh boy… I. Got. Hooked.

I spent the next few hours doodling and giggling and saving all of my random scribbles to share on Facebook and admire spam my mom with.

Afterward, I had renewed my energy levels (even though it was late-as-fuck-o-clock) and inspiration struck me like a ton of bricks! I was able to figure out which direction I needed to take and have been taking action on that vision ever since and now I feel like I truly have a sense of purpose.


My thoughts on this particular brand:

Crayola is already one of my favorite companies when it comes to crafts. They are a household name and I always feel like you just cannot go wrong with Crayola. But beyond that, the ease and travel-ability of these little gadgets is really what got me hooked. They come in this awesome little carrying case that fits right in my purse or bag so I always have doodling and crafts to do no matter where I am with zero cleanups.

The Crayola app that goes with the tools is also free to download, so you can enjoy it without the tools if you wish. But, I love having the tools which feel even more like painting and stamping than using my fingers.

Art Entrepreneur Chelsea Shoots People sample doodle

Once you download the app, use your stamper (the circle tool) to unlock it. P.s, it’s totally okay if you pretend you are a spy unlocking the secret to fortunes.. mwahaha…

Art Entrepreneur Chelsea Shoots People unlock art app

Once you’re in, you can choose from a BLANK canvas (choose from limited color selections) or go with a pre-made coloring page.

Art Entrepreneur Chelsea Shoots People art coloring pages

There is also a brief tutorial that explains how to use each tool. The biggest thing to remember is to keep proper finger placement on the metal parts of the “paintbrush,” the “roller” and “sprayer” or they will not work.

Art Entrepreneur Chelsea Shoots People art tutorial photo

And this is what the layout looks like. You can choose which tool you would like to use, which color you want to use and even mix colors for a more natural experience.

Art Entrepreneur Chelsea Shoots People I love art

Pro Tip: You can use different tools with different settings. For example, sometimes the paintbrush tool starts to annoy me, so I switch over to the sprayer tool, but still use the paintbrush settings… What can I say? I’m a rebel. 🙂

Some Cons:

The only issue I ever had with this particular set would be the accuracy of the movements and reaction time on the screen.

I am also someone who loves to blend and mix and layer colors, but the paint “stacks” instead of actually blending together on the canvas. I have learned to work around this quirk, but maybe a future app update will change that. 🙂 psst.. Crayola… hope you are listening!!

So I hope that you see the real value that arts and crafts give to you on your entrepreneurial journey!

If you are interested in ordering, do so quickly as the last time I checked (September 3rd, 2016), Amazon only had limited quantities available. (10 of the particular orange color that I have, but there are other colors you can purchase as well.)

What is your favorite craft project or way of “doodling?” I would love to hear about it in the comments below!!

Also, if you would like to share your doodles with other entrepreneurs, you’re invited to The Peaceful Rebellion community where we share, engage, encourage and inspire one another to live and work authentically and with love, without putting limits or ceilings on our potential.

Take care Rebels,

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