Boudoir Photography- 2 Convertible Clothing Options

What’s up, shutterbugs?!

I have to apologize for my little absence the past month. It has been WILD but I have so much fun stuff coming up that I promise it will be worth it!!

After going back and forth with the idea, I decided to FINALLY hold a boudoir photo shoot marathon. I am so pleased with the whole experience and the images I captured for some beautiful ladies. ♥

Today I am sharing some images from the “Boudie Call” Marathon that was held a few weeks ago in Clearwater, Florida.

I ended up with 3 girls for the day. Luckily 1 of the girls is a working independent model who is willing to allow me to share the images with you!

However, I am not just sharing the photos today… I am also detailing outfit choice and how we worked with each to create a mood and feel for the shot.

You have the FREEDOM & FLEXIBILITY to feel as sexy as you want to while wearing exactly what makes you feel comfortable, whether completely clothed or totally nude.

Boudoir Clothing Option 1- Bra & Panty set. Accessories: Jean Jacket, Stockings & Heels

We started with the bra set (complete with stockings…ooh la la), a jean jacket cover up and no heels. I wanted her to feel comfortable getting into the rhythm of posing. We started with the easy bed shots. I moved around her capturing different angles and perspectives.


It was also very important to me that she felt comfortable so not only was there music playing (1 jam we had going was “Man, I feel like a woman!” by Shania Twain…) but she had a girlfriend tag along. It was also important to me to ask for permission before touching her (even her hair) when trying to pose her.


As she started to get comfortable in front of me, my camera and with her posing, I instructed her to remove her jacket and guided her into some more bed posing; this time with poses that were slightly more challenging.




At this point, she was fully warmed up and ready to slide on heels. I asked if she would be willing to do posing that might not be what she was expecting. She was totally up for it and such a trooper!



By this time, our session was winding down, but I had one more challenging pose for her and again, I asked if it was okay. Are you noticing a theme here?

I brought along some example poses to show her visually what I was asking of her and I really think it made a huge difference!

Coaching and guiding her through the posing gave me the biggest variety of photos.

Boudoir Clothing Option 2- White t-shirt & Panty set.

Jamie changed into a white t-shirt and panty set, minus the heels.

I had her sitting in an over-sized chair to create a moody, coziness and to show that you CAN be “clothed” and still look super sexy in your boudoir photos.



Finally, the last few shots were purposeful for boudoir marketing purposes. I wanted to show that I can to create images that are “non-identifying.”

It’s great to do if you/client are not comfortable sharing photos from their shoot, but wouldn’t mind if they did not show their face.


Highlighting these kind of details gives an amazing feel to the photos. There is something to be said for “leaving it to the imagination…”





Her gorgeous tattoos really made these photos stand out and have gotten so many compliments!



As you can see, there are many steps you can take to gain the confidence to rock your photo session.

Clothing choice is just 1 piece of your boudoir story. Your confidence and my coaching will take it to that next level.

For more information on how I run Boudoir marathons, visit the Boudie Call info page and get even more tips.

What is your favorite outfit choice for boudoir images? Sound off in the comments below!

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