How I Manifested A $3000 Trip To Palm Beach

What would your life look like if you could manifest anything you desired? How would that feel to you?   Today I am so excited to talk to you a bit about manifesting, sometimes called the law of attraction, karma or “The Secret.” I know, I know.. Stop rolling your eyes. Law of attraction and Read more about How I Manifested A $3000 Trip To Palm Beach[…]

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chelsea shoots people rejecting

Thank You, Todd Herman, For Rejecting Me

  In September of 2016, I lost everything. It was a series of unfortunate events that led up to this particular day of total loss. Literally. No job. Nowhere to call home. Nowhere to go. But at the same time, I had everything. When I looked around at what my life had become, it was Read more about Thank You, Todd Herman, For Rejecting Me[…]

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Comeback Queen- How To Bounce Back

The Comeback Queen: How To Bounce Back

Hey, Rebels! I sat down with a friend last week to chat while I picked up something I had left at her house (oops!) She made the statement to me: “you really are the comeback queen. I was like ‘where did she go?’ and BAM! There you were!” It really got me thinking. This post Read more about The Comeback Queen: How To Bounce Back[…]

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Peaceful rebel chelsea shoots people

Are You A Peaceful Rebel?

What exactly is a Peaceful Rebel? I’m not one for labels and chiseling something into concrete and stuffing it into little boxes. I am much more of an airy-fairy free-spirit, go-with-the-flow, always-write-in-pencil-cause-I-always-change-my-mind hopscotch kinda girl. However, I thought it would be important to write a post about what my idea of a Peaceful Rebel actually Read more about Are You A Peaceful Rebel?[…]

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The Myth Of “Enough”- Embrace Your Truth

Too many people are struggling with the myth of feeling “enough.”  Struggling to feel confident and recognize their natural powers, much less using those powers to their full potential. Too many people are feeling stuck as if everyone has so much more going for them and more to offer. Too many people say things like: “I Read more about The Myth Of “Enough”- Embrace Your Truth[…]

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Light Your Online Biz Fire- The Challenge

Light Your Online Biz Fire [The Challenge]

Welcome Introvert Entrepreneur! Hey rebel! Are you ready to take control of your life and business? Sick and tired of being told everything you SHOULD be doing and HOW you should be doing it? Do you often feel icky and slimy when it comes to putting your “business” out there? You don’t have to be Read more about Light Your Online Biz Fire [The Challenge][…]

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Introverted Entrepreneur: A to Z with Chelsea Shoots People

Introverted Entrepreneur: A to Z

Hey Rebels!!! I hope everyone is having a magnificent Monday! I have something a little out-of-the-box for you today. Navigating through an extroverted (NOISY) world can be daunting for a quiet, introverted entrepreneur. I put this list together to shine some light on the power you HAVE as an introvert as well as to highlight those aspects Read more about Introverted Entrepreneur: A to Z[…]

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Family adventure Chelsea Shoots Peoplle

Just a Tuesday

I’m not sure if it’s just me (although I’m *pretty* sure it’s not…) but the past week has been a yucky combination of suffocation and struggle. Sometimes, the overwhelm of the “day-to-day” has me clawing for a family adventure because The bills are always piling. The weather has been super yucky. My day job is super slow Read more about Just a Tuesday[…]

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Chelsea Shoots People Success and what it means

Success Is A Living And Breathing Thing… Let Me Show You…

So far I have given you tutorials about photography and entrepreneurship (things that I have learned on my own little journey to happiness and freedom in my life) but today I am bringing something totally different to the table. Today I’m giving you  a “you” tutorial… Let me be the FIRST to congratulate you on your Read more about Success Is A Living And Breathing Thing… Let Me Show You…[…]

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