Model Program

Model Program- Accepting Applications

Apply Today To Join The Model Program: Photography That Inspires The Greatness Within. (Psst… you can skip to the end to get started now. 😉) When you are in front of my lens, I don’t just photograph you, the person. I photograph love and pain, laughter and strength; wisdom and kindness. I can give you a Read more about Model Program- Accepting Applications[…]

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Cubster- Cosplay-Pintereset-Fantastic-Beasts- Harry-Potter- photography

Guest Presenter Cubster Photography: Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them Cosplay Photography

Hey, Rebels!! I hope your week is going Fan-Tas-Tic!! Unfortunately, I have been stuck inside with a FIVE DAY migraine (ugh!) so today I am sharing a SUPER sweet cosplay that was directed and shot by my good friend, Eli of Cubster Photography. I met Eli in a photography group for Canon lovers and have Read more about Guest Presenter Cubster Photography: Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them Cosplay Photography[…]

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Chelsea’s 12 Favorite Facebook Groups for Entrepreneurs & Shutterbugs

Howdy, friend! I hope your week has gone by smoothly and you are ready for an awesome week next week! I cannot *wait* for September to get started… Pumpkin.Flavored.Everything!!! (Even though I am in Florida and we barely even SEE a Winter, much less cozy up by a warm fire, I do love wintertime and the Read more about Chelsea’s 12 Favorite Facebook Groups for Entrepreneurs & Shutterbugs[…]

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Family adventure Chelsea Shoots Peoplle

Just a Tuesday

I’m not sure if it’s just me (although I’m *pretty* sure it’s not…) but the past week has been a yucky combination of suffocation and struggle. Sometimes, the overwhelm of the “day-to-day” has me clawing for a family adventure because The bills are always piling. The weather has been super yucky. My day job is super slow Read more about Just a Tuesday[…]

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4 Types Of Photos That Are Essential To Story-Telling

Post originally appeared in the Huffington Post   We all have that one friend who shares pictures to social media with an album containing no less than 50,000 pictures in it. Mostly of the same scene. Possibly a different angle. But how far through that album do you actually get before you are bored to Read more about 4 Types Of Photos That Are Essential To Story-Telling[…]

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Choosing what to wear to your boudoir photography shoot is fun and easy!

Boudoir Photography- 2 Convertible Clothing Options

What’s up, shutterbugs?!

I have to apologize for my little absence the past month. It has been WILD but I have so much fun stuff coming up that I promise it will be worth it!!

After going back and forth with the idea, I decided to FINALLY hold a boudoir photo shoot marathon. I am so pleased with the whole experience and the images I captured for some beautiful ladies. ♥ […]

101 Quick Photography Tips in 10 words or less

101 Photography Tips In 10 Words Or Less

I have been challenging myself to find more valuable content for y’all and decided instead of making a bunch of short posts containing mini-tips, I would give you 101 Photography tips that are 10 words or less each. If you have a specific question on a topic or would like me to elaborate, please let Read more about 101 Photography Tips In 10 Words Or Less[…]

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How to Ooze Confidence and Rock your Photo Shoot Tampa Florida

7 Steps To Ooze Confidence And Rock Your Photo Shoot

The biggest concern I hear whenever I photograph a new client is “I am so awkward in front of the camera! How can I gain more confidence before my shoot?” I get it! You are trying to freeze a single moment of yourself which you can critique over and over in your mind for years Read more about 7 Steps To Ooze Confidence And Rock Your Photo Shoot[…]

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10 Ideal Locations for a breathtaking photo shoot and the pros and cons for each.

Photo Shoots: 10 Ideal Locations

Photo shoots. So much Fun! But the first decision you will usually make is where to actually hold the photo shoot.
 Many factors come into play when making a final decision and the more informed you are, the more likely you are to choose the perfect location for your needs.
 I have narrowed the most ideal locations (in my humble opinion) to 10 in-no-particular-order settings.