April 17, 2016

Photo Shoot Experience- What To Expect

Take a little peek into my photo shoot process to see how it works…

Step 1: Getting in Touch

Congratulations and thank you! You are already one step closer to our session together! Instructions for setting up your session are below, but if you are a little rebel like me, simply scroll to the very bottom and fill out the form to contact me so we can get your appointment scheduled. Please try to book as far in advance as possible as sessions are limited!

Step 2: Pick a Date & Location for the Photo Shoot

Choosing a date and location is based on many factors. The date really depends on what works for both of us, but I will try to accomodate your needs as best I can. For your location (unless an event) you can choose the perfect spot, or ask for my recommendations. Many families chose to shoot at their homes for privacy and comfort. Please make sure you have permission to take photographs at the location you choose. Also, depending on the nature of the shoot, you may be asked to sign a model release. I will never use your images without your consent. Like, ever.

Step 3: The “Pre-Session” aka Getting to Know You

After your session has been booked, client agreement/model release has been signed and session fee has been paid, I will send you a over a fun, easy, online survey to get to know you a little more. Feel free to call me or let’s grab coffee if you prefer those methods of communication. The survey will help me understand your vision for the session and what your goals are for the day. Feel free to send me a Pinterest/Mood Board to help me get an even deeper understanding for your desires. Pin/Save images that speak to your soul and make your heart sing!

Step 4: The Day Of…

We will take our time and enjoy the process in a relaxed environment. Part of why I do not put a “time limit” on your session is because it is impossible to know how the day will go. Sometimes, we get everything we need in 10 minutes and spend time just playing. Other times, we spend an entire session on only an image or 2. Every client requires something different. Every session is 100% unique! Go into the shoot with an open mind and heart with a willingness to enjoy the wonderful experience. Take the stress right out of your mind, I like to keep it fun and relaxed.

Ready to Book? Simply scroll down to the contact form and send me a message. As soon as I receive your message, I will contact you to schedule your session.


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