The Comeback Queen: How To Bounce Back

Comeback Queen- How To Bounce Back

Hey, Rebels!

I sat down with a friend last week to chat while I picked up something I had left at her house (oops!) She made the statement to me: “you really are the comeback queen. I was like ‘where did she go?’ and BAM! There you were!”

It really got me thinking.

This post has been weighing on my mind lately.

To find a way to explain why my website lapsed for a little bit.

To apologize for flighty behavior and do my normal pattern of self-sabotage, overcoming, then reverting. However, everything CAN change.

When you start to attach a dollar sign to your art or passion (as I have been doing lately) is scary, Larry and if you aren’t focused and your mindset isn’t right- accidents happen, let’s keep it real.

Some of us have those patterns of high-vibing & loving life, then instantly revert back to victim/defense mode when we are thrown slightly off course.

BUT. You have GOT to flip the script on the story you are living in your mind so that you bounce back from whatever shadows you may be living in and step into a reality that YOU control with your mind effortlessly.

Sometimes it can feel as if the storm will never subside and all hope feels lost. The point is- it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. You can flip a switch and bounce back, it just takes a little motivation on your part (WHY you are looking for a change) and a choice to start NOW.

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The Comeback Queen: How To be HER

First off- the most important thing I need you to understand is probably going to be a huge trigger for you. You will probably even wanna scream “fuck you, Chelsea!” at me. But everything I am telling you is coming from a place of love and a hope of understanding for you.

Now say this out loud:


That’s right. It’s all your fault.

See, turning inward and pointing a finger at yourself; looking yourself eye to eye in the mirror is not always fun. It is waaaay easier to place blame on external forces for everything that goes wrong in your life. You could blame

  • the bank for your foreclosure.
  • your job for all of your stress.
  • your current health status for all of your physical pain.
  • your husband for the anger you feel.
  • your children for how exhausted you feel.
  • the bills for being broke.
  • the government for..well.. everything
  • the list goes on & on.

What you need to understand is that if you want ULTIMATE power and freedom in your life. If you want to be able to manifest anything your heart desires with ease and speed you gotta OWN it.

To create your ideal reality, you must first identify and accept that you are actually creating it- positively and otherwise. This can be a very hard pill to swallow and can be very difficult to really embrace and accept as truth.

Not to worry! The reason I decided to share this information with you is because I have some mindset strategies and spiritual tools that you can start to embody and LIVE right now. You don’t need anything else. You don’t need to be anywhere. You don’t even need to DO anything.

I hope these insights can serve you well and are able to open your mind a little more to the true power you have as a human being.


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There is magic in focus and clarity. When you focus on your dreams, goals, and ambitions- you make it easier to bring that reality into the physical world- as opposed to only living it in your mind. Try not to allow all the crap that happens in the daily grind to distract your from where you are going (or where you DESIRE to go.) Live and breathe as if you are already there.

Confusion (aka not knowing wtf to do next) comes in when you lose connection to your internal GPS. When you start allowing too many outside sources to influence your decisions, you don’t allow yourself the path of least resistance. You cannot desire something internally and then try to justify the actions to move towards that desire with only the approval of others. Their motives and desires are not in alignment with yours and may end up blocking you even more from moving forward.


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Easy like Sunday Mornin’

More than likely, one of the biggest problems you are having if you are feeling stuck and blocked is the fact that you are now ALLOWING things to flow easily to you.

Most people are extremely resistant to getting what they need/want EASILY and EFFORTLESSLY.

We are so trained and programmed to push through and hustle. That the only way to truly feel fulfilled is from the satisfaction of grinding- no pain, no gain!

But how is that actually working out for ya?

Wouldn’t you feel MUCH more fulfilled (MORE FULL) if you could get everything your heart desires WITHOUT draining yourself to get it?

Thought so.

Stop BEATING THE DRUM of why you can’t level up in life.

Figure out your path, the one of least resistance, and build momentum in your success funnel.

  1. Accept it. Accept that you have a path, that yours is unique and be ready to accept the challenge in front of you. In order to intentionally create ANYTHING, you must first accept the responsibility of holding yourself accountable.
  2. Stay on YOUR path, stop looking over the fence. You cannot invest yourself in others’ success and hold yourself to their standards. Their motives, intentions, and goals may be worlds apart from yours. For example- let’s say you follow a fitspiration account on Instagram and tend to get hard on yourself for lacking the willpower that these other women/men obviously have. Something you “lack.” But, what you fail to see while you are too busy peeking over the fence, is that they may not have an amazing family to focus on. They can spend more of their time and focus on this one specific area of life to master because they may not have children, a significant other, a 9-to-5 job, or anything else. You literally cannot compete if your goals are not in alignment so why are you beating yourself up about it? That will get you nowhere, my dear.
  3. Don’t confuse DOING with IMPROVING. Taking action and doing something isn’t always the answer. That’s like scurrying to look busy because you see your boss coming through the door. They will see right through it because results won’t actually be produced. You cannot trick the Universe. You cannot proclaim “BUT I’M DOING ALL THIS STUFF, WHY AM I NOT RECEIVING?!” Because the stuff that you are doing is probably not in alignment.
  4. You are never alone. The answer is already in you. You can’t wonder if you are trailing on the right path, the path of least resistance, if you are following you inner GPS (intuition). Many times, we want validation from outside sources that we are going the right way. We stop and look around from time to time to see which way everyone else is going. Stop. Put your head down and close your eyes. Tune inward. How are you feeling? THAT is how you gauge if you are in alignment, not what everyone else is doing/feeling/saying.
  5. Love yourself, meditate, feel good and stay grateful to find the path of least resistance. The actions to focus on are actions that put you on that path NOT what to do while you are on that path. Because you will always look for the path of least resistance, you just need to be present enough to CHOOSE it. You always have a choice.

You will soon start to hear (read: understand) more and actually be open to new opportunities because you are no longer blocking the flow of your desires to you. Once you FEEL what you want and start down the path that feels good, magic happens.


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You can deliberately create more fun & abundance in your life. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Realize that a single step in the right direction is all it takes. The single step doesn’t even have to be an action. The step you take could be a simple mindset shift that radically changes the way you perceive things, which then allows you to take the next right move with more intention and awareness.
  2. Release your attachments to everything. Literally everything. Stop getting disappointed about things not happening the WAY you want them to and just know that they will work out exactly how you NEED them to.
  3. Drop all of your excuses. You can make money or you can make excuses- choose one.
  4. Focus your intentions on giving and serving, and not as much on the actual receiving.
  5. Observe, don’t react. When a situation has you feeling stuck or activates your fight or flight mode, your overwhelm and frustration at the situation at hand will not allow you to see things as they are. It’s okay to feel “some type of way” about a situation. The change comes when you have the discipline to notice them (awareness) and gently dismiss those feelings that are not serving you. Tell yourself “I know better than this” or “lesson learned.”
  6.  Embrace passion quietly for once. Pure bliss isn’t found in the frantic, rushed hustle of work and everyday life. It isn’t caffeine-fueled, exhausting, hyper energy. But rather, it lies in the simpleness and fulfillment gained from allowing yourself to be so absorbed in following your heart- with fully undivided attention and focus, that time just speeds up and slows down at will. Try not to suck the joy out of the present moment because you feel like there is somewhere else you should be or because you are too focused on the past or worried about the future.
  7.  Allow change. Your house would never get cleaned if you resisted a change in your surroundings.
  8.  Never sit a table that you can’t walk away from. Be willing to walk away from negotiations or turn down offers that are not in alignment with your higher purpose. (Some people call this “selling out.”)
  9.  Drop the B.S. (aka Belief Systems.) Too many people let what they believe (aka KEEP THINKING) get in the way of what they actually KNOW. Out belief systems have a sneaky way of convincing us of our limitations- thus, creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. For example- If you believe you are not a good singer, you may never take classes, pursue singing (even if not professionally) or even may be hesitant to sing in front of others, something that would more than likely bring you (and the listeners) great joy.
  10.  Be thankful. If you have nothing else you have the ability to be grateful for everything. Find the teeny-tiniest things to give thanks for. Be abundant with thanks and the Universe will be happy to give you EVEN MORE to be thankful for. All you have to do is allow it and become aware of it.
  11.  Stop trying to solve all of your problems. It may sound kinda funky, but the more you focus on things going wrong, the more that you are blocked from receiving the solutions because you are too invested in “this is wrong, this is a problem.” You cannot be open to receiving if you are stuck in a pattern of worry and stress.


chelsea shoots people the ball is in your court now


The ball is in your court now… What are you going to do?

I understand this is a lot to take in and to radically transform your life, you have got to start somewhere and I believe that somewhere is in your mind.

You may even be thinking “great, I get all that… but what NOW?”

Well.. if you are feeling heavy and weighed down, here are 43 spiritual tools that you can use TODAY to raise your vibration so that you can attract more high vibes things into your life.

And if you still need guidance, I am offering tarot readings so that you can get closer to your soul purpose and allow the Universe to send you a message about where you are heading. Scroll down and fill out the contact form if you would like a reading!

I also have a group where you can come and vent, share your story, connect with others like yourself and get advice for anything and everything judgment-free. It’s totally free to join!! JOIN THE PEACEFUL REBELLION TODAY

If you have any questions or need a little extra guidance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me! ♥♥

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