Dear Bestie: Some Tips For Your New Network Marketing Biz

Network marketing besties

When I found out one of my best friends joined a popular network marketing company, I was elated at the chance to offer her some wisdom I learned when I first started out in my entrepreneur journey. I was once a Beachbody coach (in this lifetime?) and I loved every aspect of the business. The only thing holding me back was the need I had to create. I am much happier creating and selling my art & services than selling someone else’s product. However, I would not be where I am today without network marketing as a stepping stone, exposing me to the world of entrepreneurship and online marketing.

You may not be like me. That’s okay, little rebel.

Many people find happiness working in MLM (Multi-level marketing) and others may enjoy it as a hobby. You can represent a company while building a personal brand so that you are the go-to authority leader for whatever your heart desires. Carve your own market or take advantage of hungry customers just waiting for you.

Whether you want to get rich selling products you love or just want to earn some extra cash on the side, this article is for you!

Network Marketing- “DON’T DO THIS”


I know at first you will be so tempted to shout it from the rooftops and explain to everyone you meet how amazingly awesome your product is and how they should totally join you. But the most IMPORTANT advice I can give you is:

DON’T BUG YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY.  It is super cool that you love what you do/sell. It is also a great thing to share how much you love your new business with everyone. However, don’t go around all willy-nillly adding peeps to your parties and groups. In fact, I have been added to so many events, parties, and groups automatically, yet, have NEVER, NOT ONCE been asked permission. Why you shouldn’t do this: Your friends and family ARE NOT your customers. Yes, they may support you at first by purchasing from you here or there, but they do not make up your business. (Which I think is a HUGE reason most network marketers quit within the first year.)

And that leads me into my next point, which I hope is obvious, but…


DON’T SPAM. I feel like this one is a no-brainer, but it is very important to understand what is spam and what isn’t. If you find yourself posting hourly updates, across all social media sites with little to zero value- you are probably over-doing it. Why you shouldn’t do this:The #1 thing you need in business is trust. People don’t trust spammers. If you are a spammer, people won’t trust you. Simple.
You know that product you sell? Well…


Don’t buy more than you sell. At first, it may be tempting when sales are a bit slower and you may not have a ton of your own products, especially in the beginning, to buy a bunch of your own merchandise. Why you shouldn’t do this: It eats into your profits. The more of your own money you are spending on the product, the less you are earning. That’s no fun!


You are you and that is something that NO ONE else has, So…


Don’t lose your identity. It is perfectly OK to rock your network marketing business while still maintaining a family life and continuing to participate in hobbies or activities that make you happy! Why you shouldn’t do this: There is no one better than you! If you lose yourself in the process, what is the point at all? Enjoy the freedom network marketing can provide you and run with the chance to really explore yourself.
And lastly,


Don’t focus on recruiting at first. You will hear it many, many times from your upline (I promise) about the importance of recruiting. My advice is to focus on building a customer base and get a steady stream of sales flowing BEFORE recruiting a single person. Why you should do it this way: You want to build a strong downline. In order to be able to support the consultants/coaches/etc. under you, you should know the in’s and out’s of the business and/or products. You should be able to guide them to as much (or more!) success than you have had. You will naturally start to build a downline as your best customers will begin to share the love of the business with friends and family and start referring others. When you notice this, that is the BEST time to approach them about joining your team.

Now that we have THAT outta the way…


Here’s what you SHOULD do (in your Network Marketing biz):


Identify your target market. Again, friends and family are NOT your target market. You will need to do some research and find your niche. Go where your customers go and talk to them. Find out what they want, what they need. Ask them questions! This takes practice, but the internet holds so many opportunities to discover people and places. Asking everybody to buy from you will only waste time.

Focus on selling a benefit or result. Many times I see network marketers talking about how amazing a product is, and as a consumer, I instantly feel sold to. People do NOT like feeling sold to. Instead, focus on how your product or service can satisfy an (immediate) NEED or WANT. Find a problem and allow your product to solve it. SHOW customers how their problems will be solved. Social proof of a result is HUGE! (Which is why you see so many testimonials attached to products, people want to know they actually work and that other people love them- more on this later.)  *People collectively, across the board are moved by the motivation to save 1 of 2 things: TIME or MONEY.*

Be Passionate. This one is a no-brainer but again, super important to your business! You must live the lifestyle of your business. If you sell weight-loss products, you should be actively investing in your health. If you sell makeup, you should be actively investing in looking great with your makeup. Passion is what DRIVES your business. It literally WILL NOT WORK  without passion. There may even be times (just like relationships) where the passion starts to fizzle. You must work at it and keep the fire burning.

Use social media (correctly)– Social media can be your best friend when promoting your biz. You want to make sure that you always stay true to yourself and your brand.

  • Pinterest
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • SnapChat
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
 Find where your people are and speak to them. Have conversations and create community. Social media is about being SOCIAL so make sure that you are sharing valuable content MORE than you share promotions and sales.
Need ideas for posting on Social Media? Don’t worry! I have you covered. Sign up for the freebie vault and get EIGHTY (yes. 8-0) types of social media posts that YOU can start using RIGHT NOW in your business. 🙂

Go to networking events. Did you know there are real live people just hanging out all around every single day? You can find all kinds of networking events at or even a quick google search. Not everything has to been done remotely on interwebs!

Ask for referrals. So, you have customers that just love you to pieces, adore the products and keep coming back for more?  Take the relationship one step further by asking them if they know anyone who might be interested in your products. I would even ask something like, “do you know someone who (let’s say you sell makeup) needs a makeover/facial/etc.?” If they say yes, ask them for a warm introduction to that person. You can even offer to do a group chat on Facebook to break the ice.

Brand Yourself! You want to be the go-to person in your niche for the product you sell. By staying consistent with your messaging, you will continue to attract the right customers to you, instead of you constantly chasing them. Branding is MORE THAN just choosing colors and fonts- it is a feeling. What do you want your brand to say? How do you want others to feel about your brand? What does your brand mean to humankind? YES! Get that serious.

Marketing your biz:

Okay, so now you have a good idea of some things you should and should not do when starting your business. Now, here are some juicy tidbits on actually marketing to your ideal customers.

  • There is great power in word-of-mouth. One of the first pieces of advice I would give someone who has no website, no following and do idea where to start is to spread your business through word of mouth. The trick is spreading the word of mouth through the RIGHT people. But how? Easy! Find a blogger (in your niche) that has an engaged following that would benefit from your products. The blogger does not even necessarily have to have a large audience. Just an active, engaged following. Send the blogger (after contacting them) information about your product, as well as some samples. They will let their audience (who trusts them) their experience with the product as well as where they can by. TIP: Take it ONE STEP FURTHER by offering to send extras for the blogger to giveaway to readers and/or a coupon code or discount exclusive to them. They LOVE this!
  • Learn your keywords. People search on google 40,000 times per second. (I just Googled that fact.) If you can learn what people are searching for, and be there to land on, your organic traffic to whatever you are promoting will increase exponentially on the first page of Google. There are SO MANY strategies and even a niche of online experts who specialize in Google keyword research. TIP: Use “long-tail keywords” to figure out what customers are searching for when they more than likely have credit card in hand and are ready to purchase. Phrases like “Buy _____ products.”
  • Become familiar (and a regular contributor) to popular forums and social sites. People are actively looking for local distributors and for exactly what you have to offer them. TIP: find forums related to your niche, create an account with 2 or 3. Become super active and helpful, develop relationships and open yourself up to a world you may not have known existed.
  • Become a Google sniper. Set up Google alerts with any keywords you want to keep track of. Google will alert you anytime content is published with the words you choose. You can do this for a product name, website, people’s names, questions (like “where can I buy X product?”), and local area search terms.
  • Follow top blogs/websites in your niche and comment on them. Most times there will be an option in the comment section to share your website. You can add value, have conversations and even grow relationships with the blogger.
  • Make a blog. Creating your very own blog is a great way of showcasing what to do with your products, tips, user reviews, news and build a following by creating quality content (while generating a side income- diversify!) Learn How To Build a Blog (Coming Soon… Subscribe for updates!)
  • Build backlinks to your site. Basically, when you have links from popular, high-authority websites pointing to yours, it tells major search engines that you’re cool, and will reward you with higher search placement. Always seek out ways to be featured in popular websites and blogs.
  • Give testimonials. Many MLM companies allow their customers (that’s you too!) to submit their testimonials. This can give you tons of great exposure! Be sure to include your story to help yourself stand out from the crowd. After all, there is no one like you!
  • Shout out influencers in your content. But don’t stop there! Send them an email, tweet, Facebook message, or some kind of communication letting them know. They will be more likely to share with their audience and you are one step closer to building a solid, mutually beneficial relationship with that person. Remember, network marketing is about MARKETING.
  • Create a PR stunt. PR is everyone’s favorite form of advertising! Why? Because it’s free!! PR is anything from an article on your product in a newspaper to a viral video. Companies like Red Bull are amazing at PR marketing. Study them and their tactics.

Personal Development/Self-Actualization

Now, stay with me on this one. You will hear from time to time about “personal development” from your upline and at marketing/network events. And when I first heard about it, I totally brushed it off! I wanted to get down and dirty and making money not totally understanding what exactly personal development was. I wasn’t aware how IMPORTANT things like mindset & spirituality would become along my journey.

Personal development is:

  • A way to change the way you think, thus creating a whole new reality for yourself.
  • NOT a fly-by-night thing. You should be in it for the LONG haul (And by long, I mean, your whole life.)
  • A way to gain confidence. Once you figure out what you want and relentlessly pursue it with power and authority, you willl naturally become a more stable confident person because you have erased fear and doubt.
  •  The capability of using a reflection of yourself to help build your dream business.

Suck at time management?Work on your productivity skills.

Shy?Work on building skills in confidence.

Fear of success?Open yourself up to the abundance of the Universe.

When you open your mind to personal development, it will change your life! By becoming the greatest version of yourself, you will enjoy living the greatest version of your life.

Here are some books that I love to help you on your journey!


Now, put it all into action:

Before you start, check out this post I wrote about achieving happiness on your journey to success using the 3 pillars: Desire, Faith, and Action. 

Make a personal development plan.

Use it to

  1. Identify a focus area for a particular skill. (Such as public speaking, writing ability, etc.)
  2. Define what is currently happening that is getting in the way of your success.
  3. Outline a goal or outcome you desire.
  4. Identify an opportunity for development (Action)
  5. Define your criteria for success. What means you have accomplished your goal?
  6. Give yourself a time frame (either a date or length of time) and stick to it!
  7. Reward yourself when you accomplish a goal or new skill.

Keep a Journal!

Track your progress and tasks so that you can keep a shred of your sanity.

You might also like: How Bullet Journals Help You Be A Strategic Mother Fucker.

 And in the meantime, if you need help, inspiration or would just like a place to call home online- join us in the Peaceful Rebellion, where other entrepreneurs and biz babes like yourself are developing authentic lifestyles and successful mindsets in an era of monkey-see, monkey do.

Do you have any tips you’d like to share or have a struggle you need help with?

Sound off in the comments below!

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