Our Decision To Home school- Peacefully Rebelling Against School

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Our decision to home school– AKA Hutson Academy.

Why we are peacefully rebelling against the school system.

I am thankful for my school years. Don’t get me wrong! In my case, for my childhood, attending school was a great option. I do feel failed by the school system in some ways. However, I wouldn’t trade it for anything else because it shaped who I am as a person.

If there is only a single reason that we are homeschooling Aidan, it is because we feel called to do this. Something about home school has always felt right, and literally, nothing else has ever been an option. For many, traditional schooling works. And I think that’s great! I fully support any style of learning, as long as learning is taking place.

The home school trend is growing for a ton of reasons, but I thought I would shed some light on why we made the decision to home school Aidan and answer many questions I get asked about it. I intend on documenting our journey and sharing our progress, triumphs, musings and defeats (plus more!) so subscribe to be updated!

20 Reasons We Made The Decision To Homeschool Aidan

Home school Aidans Antics

1. I want to be a HUGE part of Aidan’s education.

If nothing else, I just really want to be there. When I used to think about him going to school, I would think about having this great relationship with his teacher and being involved in the PTA and sports. I wondered if I could come eat with him every day. I joked that his teachers would get sick of me and probably block me on social media. Ha!

But, if he is home, I can always be there and a part of his education- easily.

When I was in school, I wished that my own mom could be way more involved. Unfortunately, her situation was a little different than mine and she did the best she could to be as involved as she could, but I still would have liked more. I plan on doing that for Aidan.

Home school field trip

2. The Dress Code.

PJ’s and slippers are A-OK for completing math homework. And, a dinosaur outfit is totally appropriate when reading. A big bonus- not buying new school uniforms or new school clothes every year. I love saving money! Plus, who has time for matching socks?!

Home school dress code

3. Certain special needs require extra attention.

A traditional classroom is just not an ideal setting for a child with special needs to flourish. I am terrified of Aidan getting lost in the shuffle and completely rejecting education as a result.

Just working on speech has been an intense process and I can’t imagine any teacher with enough time in the day to sit down with him 1-on-1 as much as he needs. With me, he can have as much undivided attention as he requires, and I do so- happily!

home school special needs

4. Google has my back.

Yo, Google is the best!

Nowadays, kids have the entire internet to learn and explore. That’s not to say we should let them run loose- it is a digital jungle, after all! But, anything my sweet little boy’s mind can ask, think or desire, I can google.

I am teaching him to be curious. To question everything. To figure out things on his own.

Self-sufficiency is big!

There have been many times Aidan will ask me a question about something and I have to say “I don’t know, let’s Google it.” He knows that even if mommy doesn’t know something, we can still look for answers. No question is too big or too small.

5. I thoroughly enjoy teaching.


As a child, I was always the “teacher” when we played school. I even wanted to BE a teacher (kindergarten) when I was younger. Until, I learned about the “politics” of school, among other reasons.

I really love teaching Aidan in a casual way, why not get serious and teach him the school curriculum? I was always an excellent student and have a love of learning myself. Doing home school doesn’t make me feel burdened because I really love doing it! (MY way, of course!)

6. Not everyone learns at the same pace.

As I said before, I am terrified of Aidan being left behind. When I was in the third grade, my teacher had a conference with my mom because my behavior card was stuck on “red.” When my mom asked if I was in trouble, the teacher told her “nope, we are testing her for a gifted program.” I wasted months in school because I was bored. I would finish my work and then do whatever I wanted to do, which the teacher did not love. I ended up moving to a gifted class and spent less time bored. However, I don’t want to rely on a teacher or other students to choose the pace for Aidan’s education. I think he should ultimately follow HIS pace.

home school pace

7.  I want to teach a desire to learn and self-motivation.

Thankfully, I have always had a natural curiosity which has blossomed into a love of learning. The bad news is, some kids end up losing the love of learning through frustration with their environment, expectations, etc.

School has a way of squashing natural curiosity because there isn’t much room for exploration. You don’t really ask more questions.

The tests drill the facts and data into your brain in a way that doesn’t really leave room for any kind of desire or yearning to learn more. I don’t want that for Aidan.

My ultimate goal is allowing his desire to grow and to where he WANTS to learn. For him to be motivated to wake up in the morning and go for it- whatever IT may be. I intend to be there to support and encourage his interests and allow him to dive as deep into any topic he chooses to learn more about.

8. WE control our time and schedule.

There is a lot to do in a day! I am not a huge fan of being told WHEN I have to have Aidan at school/ WHEN school is over or WHEN there are field trips. If I want to go for ice-cream in the middle of the day with Aidan, it would be ridiculous to pull him out of class- but, not if he is already home!

Not only that, but we have control over time SPENT doing school work vs. field trips and outings. We can choose when we would rather do his math work and breeze through material that he picks up quickly.

If any of us gets sick, taking a few days off is no problem. We also don’t have to wait for a set vacation time for trips, allowing us to plan vacations off-season to save money AND avoid people. WIN-WIN.

Home School Schedule

9. We are usually late or rushing around- and that stresses me out.

I am not even going to try and lie to you. We are NOT morning people. I get up at 8 am every single day without an alarm clock. Aidan and Mr. H usually wake up around 9am-11am.

Having the freedom to sleep in and start school at whatever time we want to is the best way for us to avoid stress from the “morning rush.” Because at the end of the day, I don’t care how many tips you give me, or alarms I set, there will always be a frenzy- and I would like to avoid that at all costs. 🙂

10. No “teacher incidents.”

I was lucky enough to have some of the greatest teachers when I went to school. I will always cherish those memories. However, I can say equally the opposite thing about not-so-encouraging teachers. Not that they were “bad” teachers, I just didn’t have a great experience in their environment.

Teaching Aidan myself (while seeking specific help by professionals when necessary) ensures the best environment for him.

11. We can focus on specific curriculum.

The curriculum we are using is tailored to Aidan’s interests and dives deeper into the material. We don’t have to worry about the progress of other children, so we can go at a snail’s pace or lightning fast through it. He has zero risks of being left behind.

For example, when Aidan starts kindergarten next January (we are doing a year-long schooling plan) he will be doing mainly kindergarten curriculum. Math, in large part. For reading, he is starting at 3rd-grade level with sight words in the 3rd and 4th-grade levels.

For social studies, we are focusing on basic (kindergarten) subjects, but also diving deeper into more advanced topics with each one. Space, Countries/Earth, Government will all be discussed.

I plan on making a blog post of our full curriculum and other posts documenting each step of the way. If you would like to see more, just pop your email down below and I’ll send you email updates of new posts. 🙂

Home school curriculum

12. Traditional schooling has just never been an option.

As I said before, it’s almost as if we never planned on sending Aidan to a traditional school.

We feel called to take the home school journey together. Infusing growth and exploration into everyday life.

13.Grades are how a teacher would document his development.

A hobby of mine is documenting things!

I recorded Aidan’s first steps, first roll-over, first time talking, etc. on video. I keep scrapbooks, photos and memento’s that document our entire journey together. It’s something I am super passionate about.

I keep scrapbooks, photos and memento’s that document our entire journey together. It’s something I am super passionate about.

I have Aidan’s first steps, first roll-over, first time talking, etc. on video. I keep scrapbooks, photos and memento’s that document our entire journey together. It’s something I am super passionate about.

Home school gives us the ability to document the journey. For Aidan to learn from our perspective. I struggle to remember my childhood vividly. This documentation will provide him with a ton of insight into his journey.

documenting home school

14. The national average cost of private school for 2016-2017 was $9.582 a year.

Not that there is anything wrong with spending that amount a year! If I didn’t have 19+ other reasons why I want to pursue home school, Private School would be the next option. I just happen to be an extremely frugal person and would rather allocate those fund elsewhere.

But, if that is your cup of tea- get it, mama! Learning is learning and what’s right for me now might not even be right for me tomorrow.

15. Home school can be peaceful and relaxing.

Don’t laugh. There ARE moments that will be hectic, as with anything. But, home school is at home, which will mirror HOME life. Generally, home life is pretty chill. And that’s how we like it.

Besides, Aidan is extremely sensitive to energy and commotion. We cannot take him to fireworks shows or concerts. Typically, he prefers peace and quiet.

Home school art and relaxation

16. I want to teach Aidan the importance of family and valuable life skills.

During his homeschool journey, Aidan will learn important kitchen safety, fire safety, disaster preparedness, how to dial 911, cooking skills, and community awareness. He will be collecting autographs from community members (including Mimi!) and taking scavenger hunts around the city.

And please, don’t get me started with the “the importance of socializing.”

  1. He has plenty of cousins and family friends to play and interact with.
  2. He isn’t really around a ton of people all the time, but still waves and shouts “hi” to every person out in public.
  3.  In general, kids tend to mimic their parent’s social behavior, anyways.
  4. We are collecting autographs from the community- such as police, local business owner, mailman, etc. so that he can learn more about the world around him and the people who live in it.
  5. Co-op participation is a top priority for us. Allocating (flexible) time each week to meet with peers, experience new forms of learning and attend field trips will give Aidan a ton of social activities.
  6. The park we visit is always FULL of kids. Many social lessons are learned on the playground. 🙂

Home school bench

17. Home school is the most frugal option for our family.

I am a frugal person in my soul. If I had 10 million dollars in the bank, I would still shop at thrift stores. I enjoy being frugal.

True to nature, I found home school to be the best option for my family, financially.

With some basic supplies, a never-ending list, a plan, and the endless information on the internet- it is possible to home school (at least kindergarten- that’s where we are at now.) without spending a ton of money. You can save on school lunch supplies, school clothes, and unnecessary supplies (just stock your own.) My favorite part is using coupons/savings/rebates/creativity. A large portion of the materials I am using now come from dollar stores, thrift stores, flea markets and gifted from friends. If you list it out in the Universe, it will always find it’s way to you! 🙂

Home school aidans antics frugal

18. School is everywhere! You can find a lesson in everything!

What have you taught your child today? There are lessons everywhere! We can sometimes get stuck in the hamster wheel and caught in the motions. Here’s a challenge for you: Make it a POINT to learn something new- and teach something new- at each trip to the grocery store.

Lessons learned in the Produce Aisle at Publix:

  • Weight– “how much does this apple weigh?” | “how much does this potato weigh?”
  • Color- That orange is orange. 🙂
  • Manners– “we say excuse me if  we are in someone else’s way.”
  • Counting– There are 3 slices of watermelon on this tray.
  • Sorting– Greens on the right, fruits on the left, potatoes in the center.
  • Direction– “look up and read the signs.”
  • Nutrition– “what foods are good for your body?”
  • Math– multiplying weight vs. cost.
  • Economy– checking prices, using coupons, budgeting.
  • Community– speak to a produce associate for recommendations and with questions.

Home school grocery store

19. We can always change course.

We don’t HAVE to home school forever. I won’t be that raaraa better homeschool your kids!” mom. If Aidan changes his mind and decides he does want to go to school, and it’s the right option for our family, that is the path we will take.

We don’t have to always do as we have always one.

And that leads to the last point.

20. Home school gives us freedom.

Aidan always has a choice and a voice. We can grow and change as a family. Flexibility is strength.

Freedom means exploration. ♥

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