How To Be A Dynamic Introverted Leader

How To Be A Dynamic Introverted Leader

You’ve probably been told about the qualities of a great leader many times over. 

But what if you are an introverted leader?

Great leaders:

  • Keep Promises.
  • Own up to their mistakes and learn from their failures.
  • Live passionately and encourage others around them to do the same.
  • Give everyone respect.
  • Commit to personal growth and development.
  • Push through fear and adversity.
  • Inspire, motivate and persuade others.
  • Ask for (NOT wait for) feedback constantly.

And in your mind, you picture boisterous, extroverted leaders such as Steve Jobs and Bill Clinton.

They feel comfortable with demanding attention, are energized by crowds of people, and have a boundless supply of energy with flair for the dramatic.

You probably even think to yourself, “how can I POSSIBLY be a leader when I tend to be more reserved and kind of a wallflower?”

You know you have a dynamic personality but how the heck are you supposed to lead others when you don’t feel like a leader?

That’s simple! Be a person that people want to follow.

(I said it was simple… I didn’t say it was easy.)

Even if being thrown into a group of people scares you to the core.

Even if you face constant pressure of being a “certain way” when it comes to personality.

Even if you shut down or flee when faced with tough interactions like discipline and conflict.

I’m breaking it down for you in 3 steps: Patience, Planning & Perseverance.

The first “P”: Patience

The very first thing you must do if you want to be a dynamic introverted leader is by conscious leadership work. (And you’ve already found this blog so yay, that’s a start!)

It is not enough to WANT it badly. You have to actively work towards your goals.

Use your 1-on-1 time to build relationships with people and to strengthen the relationships you already have.

As a quiet leader, you may not rally the troops with your outspoken demeanor. But you can absolutely touch every single person through the power of your personality.

Do it YOUR WAY. You’re the boss. (duh, that’s kinda the definition of a leader, no?)

At the end of the day, it is important that you remain authentic to YOU so never let anyone make you feel bad or “less than” by leading with your own personal style. Your tribe will love you for it!

Model your behavior after someone you admire or better yet, get a mentor to help guide you through your journey.

The second “P”: Planning

Know your stuff. People have questions, it’s human nature. Conflicts happen. Again, human nature.

Arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible and as many skills as possible.

Preparation itself is KEY for introverted leaders. We (as introverts) tend to “get stuck in our heads” during negative moments of extroversion. For Example, I don’t know HOW many times I have had a painful memory pop into my head right before falling asleep.

“OMG, Did I ACTUALLY say that out loud?!”

“UGH, I wish I would’ve handled that THIS way…”

Every time that happens, a block is created by the emotions you feel at the time of the occurrence, multiplied by the lack of skills or knowledge on how to handle it.

Finally, Clear those past blocks! Here are 7 more tips to ooze confidence as an introverted leader.

The third “P”: Perseverance

Finally, just keep going.

The hardest part (of being an introverted leader) is self doubt. No matter what, never give up on yourself. You have everything you need to be the leader and influencer that you dream of being.

Introverted leaders have the power of self-motivation. We rely on NOBODY to push us because we are ruled by our own wants, desires and fears.

More importantly, don’t forget to treat yourself. You need “me-time” to unwind and reflect. Celebrate your wins and accept failures as nothing more than a stepping stone to your next goal.

Being Introverted is gift, not a curse.

Most people choose to fill their spare time with leisure activities and entertainment. 

Even social media tends to favor the “squeaky wheel,” those who make waves and create controversy. However, social media (and life in general, tbh…) also favors CURATED and MANAGED authenticity. There IS room for you to be who you are AND attract raving fans/followers.

Introverts like us make AMAZING leaders because of our ability to be Patient, Plan thoroughly and Persevere.

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Leave a comment below and let me know how you handle leadership/authority while being an introvert.


Until next time rebels,

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