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I hope your week has gone by smoothly and you are ready for an awesome week next week! I cannot *wait* for September to get started… Pumpkin.Flavored.Everything!!! (Even though I am in Florida and we barely even SEE a Winter, much less cozy up by a warm fire, I do love wintertime and the holidays in general.)

Today I am sharing with you 12 of my FAVORITE Facebook groups for networking and support. The topics I am covering are blogging, business, entrepreneurship, photography, and spirituality.

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The Peaceful Rebellion

Group Topic: Introverted, Out-of-the-box, Movers & Shakers Support & Networking

# of Members (August 2016): less than 100

Group Owner/Website: ME! 🙂 Chelsea Hutson |

General Guidelines: No promos/spamming, Don’t be a bully

This little group is my home away from home. ♥ Although it is less than a week old, we are making connections, inspiring others and creating a wonderful little community. I share all of my newest posts in the group and have a TON of group activities planned for the end of the year!

We ask questions, connect, build relationships, and celebrate successes together as introverts. You don’t HAVE to be an entrepreneur or blogger to join. We welcome anyone who lives outside of the box or chases the unique vision they have for their life with a fiery passion. Welcome Home!!

JOIN The Peaceful Rebellion Now

Freedom Hacker’s Mastermind

Group Topic: Entrepreneurship & Biz-building

# of Members (August 2016): 31K & constantly growing

Group Owner/Website: Kimra Luna |

General Guidelines: No promos/spamming

Joining this group was a game-changer for me. Literally, it totally transformed the way I viewed myself, my blog and other entrepreneurs. The feed moves quickly, comments are always SUPER helpful and you can get lost for DAYS in the files/resources. Kimra has really created an amazing community!

JOIN the Freedom Hacker’s Mastermind Now.

The Badass Solopreneur Society

Group Topic: Business “Badassery”

# of Members (August 2016): 3.5K

Group Owner/Website: Andrea Beltrami |

General Guidelines: No promos, don’t be a “douchesaurus.” 😉

I always feel so at home in this group! Dre is amazingly talented and very skilled at super helpful content and design. Definitely grab a glass of wine (or you favorite beverage) when you hop into this group as you are GUARANTEED a great time and a ton of laughs. My favorite thing about his group is the engagement posts. It is one of the VERY FEW groups that I leave admin notifications ON for. 🙂

JOIN The Badass Solopreneur Society Now.

Creative Superheroes

Group Topic: Creative “ladypreneur” join forces with others for support, feedback, brainstorming, growth and tips.

# of Members (August 2016): 4.2K

Group Owner/Website: Allison Marshall |

General Guidelines: No promo, No like-for-like/follow, be nice

I have literally been stalking following Allison for as long as I have been blogging. The first time I found her website (via another Facebook group) I was obsessed with her style and have watched her closely as she has blossomed into the fearless group leader she is today. Everything from her personality to her zone of genius is captivating to me. (I was even lucky enough to land a testimonial on one of her courses! Cool, huh?)

JOIN Creative Superheroes Now.

Simply Spirit Support

Group Topic: a place for spirit-minded (NOT RELIGIOUS) people to be able to come together in a supportive environment

# of Members (August 2016): 1.6K

Group Owner/Website: Summer D. Shiznit |

General Guidelines: be nice, no religion posts, limited promo’s

Ever since starting my journey, I have become way more spiritual. I try to limit how much I talk about my beliefs because I believe that everyone has their own personal choice and I would never judge, nor want someone to judge me. I love the healing sessions from group members, readings and photograph sharing.

JOIN Simply Spirit Support Now.

Canon Photography Advice

Group Topic: a friendly place where you can get advice on camera equipment, settings, lighting, and anything else that you might need help on to make your photography better

# of Members (August 2016): 2.5K

Group Owner/Website: Toni Hunter |

General Guidelines: No spam, gentle CC, reasonable photography rules/guidelines

This group was born (almost out of necessity) from a different group that I joined several months ago. The admins are extremely helpful and friendly. Newbies are very welcome and the atmosphere is fun and social. The group members are knowledgeable about all sorts of topics and you can easily make friends.

JOIN Canon Photography Advice Now.

Boudoir Photogs

Group Topic: boudoir photographers ask questions, make friends, collaborate, discuss, etc.

# of Members (August 2016): 10.1K

Group Owner/Website: Molly Marie |

General Guidelines: Boudoir photogs ONLY, ask before promo, be respectful

This group is a super-niche group and you MUST be a boudoir photographer to even enter. But, if you are (or are aspiring to be) the members and admin are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I had the confidence and knowledge to run my first boudoir marathon because of this group and it was successful so I am very grateful.

JOIN Boudoir Photogs Now.

Gena+ Jordana & Your Magical Business

Group Topic: ongoing inspiration, a close knit community of women entrepreneurs

# of Members (August 2016): 11K

Group Owner/Website: Jordana Jaffe |

Gena Shingle Jaffe |

General Guidelines: No promos, think of it like a sleepover

If you are a sparkly Unicorn, you need to join this group. The powerhouse ladies that mingle here are fantastic with so much diverse, excellent advice. This group takes things 1 step further by going out of their way to help community members and someone who may be struggling. The authenticity and coziness just cannot be matched by very many groups which is why I hang out in here often.

JOIN Gena + Jordana & Your Magical Business Now.

Big Hearted Way

Group Topic: fun, deeply helpful place to be inspired and feel good.

# of Members (August 2016): less than 500

Group Owner/Website: Theresa Rock |

General Guidelines: None specific posted.

If you are looking for ways to infuse heart and soul into your copy and business, this is an excellent group to join. You can find resources from meditations and mantras to copy tutorials and motivation. No matter what, always do things the big-hearted way. 🙂

JOIN Big Hearted Way Now.

The Daring Entrepreneur

Group Topic: the group for women who want to write their own rules and create a freedom lifestyle online

# of Members (August 2016): just under 1K

Group Owner/Website: Alexandra Covucci |

General Guidelines: promo-friendly, no spam, don’t be an asshole

If you are an ass-kicking coach who writes your own rules to making an income online, this is definitely the group for you! Alexandra is a wonderfully fearless leader and has a way of switching up your mindset and breaking your patterns to break you through to the next level. Promos are A-okay in here, but proceed with caution. You catch more flies with honey.

JOIN The Daring Entrepreneur Now.

Photography with Spyros

Group Topic: a place where we can learn and grow together in our photography.

# of Members (August 2016): less than 1K

Group Owner/Website: Spyros Heniadis |

General Guidelines: no promo, no spam

I discovered Spyros while browsing YouTube for photography tutorials. I really appreciated how he broke down the subject he was talking about and has an amazing way of not only explaining his knowledge, but in being a community leader in general. I always love when group leaders feel “real” and “touchable.” Also, he makes kick-ass shirts!! 🙂


JOIN Photography with Spyros Now.


Group Topic: Easy Camera Lessons sharing group

# of Members (August 2016): less than 500

Group Owner/Website: Nat Rogers |

General Guidelines: no bad-mouthing/negativity

If you are a super-newbie to photography, this is an excellent group to join. This group makes it very easy to share captures no matter what your skill level is. The photography community can be SUPER cutthroat so it is so nice to see groups that value positivity and being friendly.

JOIN Photoshare Now.

Do you have a favorite Facebook group that you frequent? Any pet peeves when it comes to Facebook groups? I’d love to hear about it! Pop your comments down below and join our Peaceful Rebellion group so you can introduce yourself!

Until next time creative & peaceful rebels,


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