Imprisoned to empowered

By: Chelsea Hutson
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About Chelsea

Your story is waiting on you to tell it…

I am going to take you on a journey.. An authentic exploration of your truth.

(no cheesy smiles or awkward posing required.)

Just imagine yourself, years from now, looking back on moments from your life. What do you see?

  • Frustration & constant struggle?
  • Worry & fear?
  • Self-doubt and impostor syndrome?
  • A whole buncha “what-if’s?”

Are you living the life you are creating, the WAY that feels good… or are you just going through the motions?

I am so glad you are here.

I truly believe that everyone has a story. And I want to help you tell that story!

Who am I?

Why, hello there! I’m Chelsea and I created this magical space.


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  • I currently reside in the Tampa area and I absolutely adore the melting pot of personalities that I come in contact with every single day living here. The relaxed and laid back lifestyle suits me to a tee. I am a total beach bum!
  • I am a firm believer in authenticity and abundance.

(I’m also a TOTAL introvert!)

  • I am driven by my passion for emotion, love, and family.
  • Millennial & Proud ♥
  • Mommy of a Home schooled 5 year-old
  • Super Wife to my high school sweetheart

and I am here for you.


A little Background on me:

I have always been the weird one. The loner.

I spent my entire life feeling totally alone. Not that I was actually alone 100% of the time, but I always felt like I was “different.”

When I was 5.. I asked my mom “what do we think of the color yellow?”

That single question was my 5-year-old self telling the world, I see more.

There is magic in an eye that can see beyond “the normal” because when everyone around me saw “just a traffic light,” I saw more.

I started my personal development journey in May of 2015 and on that journey discovered the keys to personal power!!

My ENTIRE LIFE (literally) was spent inside my head.

  • Worrying about what other people thought of me.
  • Recovering from the energy-depletion I experienced daily.
  • Wondering if I was a ghost… (Can anyone actually even SEE me?!)
  • Being classified as a “bitch.” (Negative first impressions, eh?)
  • Missing out on “life” because of my need to avoid conflict.
  • Feeling neglected and left out.


and honey, so. do. you.

If you have a burning passion to design a life you design, create your own reality & live a high vibe lifestyle, consider becoming a supporter and we can grow TOGETHER. ♥

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Need More Information?

Who is this book for?

✔ If you are DONE with the status quo and ready to create an ideal life for yourself, this book is for you.

✔ Maybe you "get it" and you know it's time to make a change, you're just not quite sure what that "looks like."

✔ You get inspired and motivated by hearing stories of success.

✔ You don't mind getting called out on all your bullshit. (psst, that's how you grow...)

✔ It feels like there is an invisible ceiling above you and you are ready to bust through it.

✔ You BELIEVE there is more for you, you just need help accessing it.

✔ You feel like you could BE more if you could just stop being so damn anxious all the time.

Confidence takes a back seat to fear.

✔ You're on the brink of something and know there is just ooooooone thing missing...

What's Inside?

Here is a chapter outline of what you can expect:

  1. Prisons- My story and a choice for you to make (Read this chapter FREE here.)
  2. Confidently YOU- A fair assessment of the authentic you. Gain confidence!
  3. Onion- The layers of you- the lens you use to "see" the world may be distorting your vision.
  4. Ground Zero- Am I a victim? Helping you pluck the weeds from your garden of life AT THE ROOT.
  5. REAL LIFE applications- The pursuit of truth (in a hands-on way, not that airy-fairy, pie-in-the-sky way) Learn to balance your bullshit meter once and for all.
  6. Your sacred process- aka how to just BE.
  7.  Awakening to a higher purpose. DING DING DING... this is your wake-up call!
  8. Empowering relationships- what does it mean to be in an empowering relationship and how do you get one?
  9.  Empowering others- fanning the flames of desire by getting out of your own shit and involving others to make an IMPACT.
  10. Spiritual tools and inspiration. Get "insta-spired" over 2 dozen ways.
How did the idea come about?

I have always wanted to write a book- literally. My whole life.

Instead, I ended up starting a website (you're here now!) and practicing photography.

After doing hundreds of hours of market research. I was extremely disappointed to find out that the #1 reason (Hint: It's not time nor cost.) that moms usually did not get family portraits done was due to self-image/self-esteem/confidence.

It breaks my heart to think that those memories will fail to be captured, shared and passed down through generations. 

Stories create legacies and a photo tells a thousand words. 

Think about it.

What's the very first thing someone does when a loved one passes? 

Look for a picture of them.

I realized that while photography IS my passion (and I absolutely LOVE my work) it was time to embark on my REAL mission- my soul mission, which is empowering YOU with this knowledge.

Is there a community of like-minded people that are interested in these topics?

Absolutely! And we would love to have you join us! 

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