Introverted Entrepreneur: A to Z

Introverted Entrepreneur: A to Z with Chelsea Shoots People

Hey Rebels!!!

I hope everyone is having a magnificent Monday! I have something a little out-of-the-box for you today. Navigating through an extroverted (NOISY) world can be daunting for a quiet, introverted entrepreneur. I put this list together to shine some light on the power you HAVE as an introvert as well as to highlight those aspects of your personality that are extremely valuable to you as an entrepreneur.







A is for Art

Introverts make great artists! Being able to happily work alone for an untold amount of hours is not something many people can do… much less enjoy. It takes self-motivation and being led by your own desires to “find the time” for creating.

It is important to take time to be creative- a HUGE reason why the adult coloring book market EXPLODED recently.

is for Boundaries

Boundaries are HUGE! I almost named this category “bubble” because I am forever telling people “stay out of my bubble!” Haha.

Introverts need space. We need time alone to energize and renew. Never feel bad or less-than because you set boundaries. Sometimes it is absolutely necessary to protect your energy from being drained and allowing negative stuff in.

Take note of friends/family/relationships that seem to suck the life out of you. How can you create a safe space for yourself in those situations ?

is for Control

Like the duck on the pond, peacefully floating along, introverts may seem very calm at face value.

But those little legs under the water and flapping constantly, the same as an introverts mind.

We learn to remain composed and in control of situations to avoid unnecessary conflict. As an introvert, flexibility and confidence (another “c”) will help when things do feel totally out of control.

For extroverts, try to be patient with our controlling ways. Think of it as our little defense mechanism. 🙂

is for Digital Marketing

Digital marketing for an introverted entrepreneur is a no brainer!

Give me a phone and a list of numbers and tell me to make sales and I will probably melt into a puddle of nervous mush.

However, give me a target audience and 2 or 3 social media accounts and I will be the life of the digital party.

The internet and digital marketing in general has opened up this whole new world for introverts who struggle in an extroverted world by allowing us to be WHO we are… safely… from the comfort and privacy of our own homes.

is for Expert

The BEST way to feel confident in any niche/business/ANYTHING is to be as knowledgeable as possible. Armed with knowledge, you will have the confidence to handle anything that can be thrown at you.

Additionally, Being seen as an expert in a particular field will attract an audience and fans TO YOU, as opposed to you constantly reaching out to others.

F is for Freedom

One of the biggest struggles I see every single day (especially in the entrepreneur community) is the fear and self-doubt that often creeps up into the darkest place of your mind.

It’s time to be nicer to YOU.

The fact that you are here RIGHT NOW proves that you have a deeper understanding of YOU than most people understand themselves. Therefore, you are FREE to FORGIVE yourself.

Forgive yourself for every bad quality you THINK you may have.

Forgive yourself for all of the self- sabotaging behavior that has stopped you just short of the finish line so many times.

Forgive yourself and feel how good it is to be FREE.

G is for Goodbye

Introverts have a habit of attaching ourselves to people/relationships/scenarios that we feel “should” be a certain way. If something gets in the way of how we feel things “should” be, it can create a ton of disappointment for us.

However, learning to let go can feel extremely liberating and allow room for MORE into your life. It does take practice so make sure to acknowledge why a “loss” can be a good thing and always strive to find the “silver-lining” in negative situations.

H is for Heart-centered

This one can seem a little airy-fairy at first but stick with me.

Have you ever sat through a sales training or presentation and completely resisted the advice of the (more than like extroverted) presenter? Despite indisputable evidence and your own knowledge, even?

You KNOW there are certain techniques that work AMAZINGLY for MANY people.

You may have even tried some (or ALL of them) with little to no success.

Heck, you may have even found a TON of success but still, you feel unfulfilled.

That is exactly how I felt when I stepped into (and quickly out of!) the world of Network marketing. I have a deep need inside me to create and do things MY way.

Simply by following my heart, my strong inner compass, I have found more happiness and fulfillment. By designing my life and business around my heart’s desires, I have found more success than I EVER have before!

I is for Influencer

The whole point of being an influencer is to persuade people to take action when you call them to. The act of persuasion boils down to a few things:

  1. Being selective in your actions.
  2. The power of observation and picking up what others may miss.
  3. Thinking strategically, constantly.
  4. Allowing others to take the spotlight.
  5. Careful preparation.
  6. Listening.

Introverts have hidden natural abilities to influence and persuade others which makes us amazing at creating an online empire, while still flying under the radar (where it’s safe & feels good.)

J is for Judging

Once upon a time, I used to think I was an INFJ personality type. (I am INFP, btw, in case you are curious.)

Although I am not a “J” myself, a LARGE population of introverts are. Here are some qualities according to Socionics:

Judging types

  • do not like to leave unanswered questions
  • plan work ahead and tend to finish it
  • do not like to change their decisions
  • have relatively stable workability
  • easily follow rules and discipline

If you have been following this blog for longer than a day, you already know those qualities do NOT fit my personality. Mainly, the last bullet point, easily follow rules and discipline… nope! (I even created a community called “Peaceful REBELS” mainly for rule-breakers such as myself!)

K is for Kindness

Be very careful with this one. There is a thin line between being a people-pleaser and a kind person with strong boundaries.

I know you strive for acceptance. I totally get it! But don’t forget to protect YOU at the end of the day.

After all, if you have depleted yourself, you will have nothing left to give anyone else!

L is for Laughter

(Prepare for cliche…) Laughter truly is the best medicine. The noisy world “out there” can be cruel and cold. The good news is there are many ways you can shield yourself from negative influences, one of which being humor.

When we feel stuck in a certain situation, humor can not only increase our enjoyment of social interaction, but it can also reduce anxiety and overwhelm.  Try not to take yourself too seriously. (My blog’s name is a PRIME example of this. I felt almost like a FRAUD when I started photography. As if I had no RIGHT to call myself a photographer. Therefore, when someone would ask what I did, I told them… “I shoot people.”)

M is for Meaning

Introverts strive to find a purpose and our place.  Any ‘ol job or hobby just won’t cut it. We are motivated by that which lights a fire inside us.

Spend time reflecting on your own motivations. What really pushes you? What keeps you up at night with excitement?

N is for Networking

Ahhhh, networking.

The Achilles hill of introverts… to a degree.

If the idea of being thrown into a room full of strangers and then being expected to not only “work the room,” but create sustainable connections, throws your mind into a tailspin, here are some introvert-friendly tips:

  1. Prepare yourself and do everything you can to feel confident.
  2. Use a trusted source for grouding. For example- a close friend, crystals and mantras/affirmations.
  3. Smile. 🙂
  4. Work the room 1 person at a time.
  5. Listen closely. There are clues everwhere and at every turn.
  6. Strive for quality connections over a large quantity. Take the pressure off of yourself to connect with as many people as possible and focus on #4.
  7. Relax. You can always follow-up later if you forget something.

O is for Opportunity

Introverts have a keen sense of awareness. We are constantly creating connections in our mind in order to understand the outside world more deeply.

Due to our openness and ability to perceive things differently, we are typically more open to new opportunities and strive to find advantages wherever we can.

Accepting (and TRUSTING) that there is an ABUNDANCE of opportunity for you just on the other side of fear and self-doubt will create MASSIVE shifts in your life and how you perceive others and situations.

P is for Podcasting

For me, being recorded on video, especially LIVE video is a terribly nerve-wracking situation to be in.

I can pose in front of a camera all day long and take photos til I am blue in the face. But something about that red “record” light really trips me up. I don’t care if it is just me in the room or a room full of people, I instantly freeze and literally forget who I am.

Podcasting (or audio in general) to the rescue!!!

The point is, you don’t have to fit into the box that anyone tries to put you in. You have more than likely heard (again and again and again) about the IMPORTANCE of video for your business.

However, no amount of outside influence will EVER make you feel warm and fuzzy about it. You can CERTAINLY create the confidence inside of you to take that leap. If you so choose… go for it!

But for those of us who aren’t at the  point where video is aligned with our mission, purpose and goals, audio is a desirable compromise. I actually enjoy listening to my own voice. For me, it is just 1 step closer to being the video-queen I always wanted to be. 🙂

Q is for Quiet

If you are introverted, you totally understand the “need for quiet.”

Extroverts… here’s the deal- we are quiet. That does NOT mean we are shy. Instead of calling us shy or thinking of us as such, let’s flip the story and call it like it is…

Introverts are:

  • Good listeners that make great leaders.
  • Loyal, attentive and reliable.
  • Self-reflective and thoughtful.
  • Resourceful and problem-solvers.
  • Innovative.
  • Self-motivated.

Introverts are QUIETnot shy.

R is for Rebellious

You know the phrase “you should always watch out for the quiet ones?”

Well, it’s true.

As introverts, we tend to spend a LOT of time inside of our own minds. We get to know ourselves really well in a super deep way through introspection. But in turn, we tend to be loners and outcasts. We live on the fringe because we don’t allow outside influences to strong-hold our minds or perceptions (for the most part.)

I think this paragraph from Hubpages sums it up nicely:

The Introvert is a bad-ass. He does not care what you think. He cares only what is right for him. He is strong. He is confident in his skills. He has a deep understanding of the world, and he loves and understands people for who they really are, and has no trouble calling a stupid fuckhead a stupid fuckhead if that’s necessary.

S is for Shameless Self Promotion

There is almost NOTHING ickier for an introvert than promoting yourself, your products or your ideas.

It feels gross and slimy to brag about yourself and your achievements… like, who the eff even cares anyways?

But you have a passionate life to fund and the bills don’t pay themselves. So, how DO you promote your business or yourself in a less-yucky way?

  1. Be you- There is only ONE.
  2. Give, Give, Give.. People appreciate the value you provide.
  3. Have a vision/mission and fiercely defend it.
  4. Step up on the soapbox (with some type of platform) so your audience can FIND you.

T is for Truth & Authenticity

When all is said and done, it is important as an introverted entrepreneur to remain authentic to yourself and your personal “truth.”

Being true to yourself is

  1. valuing quality over quantity.
  2. NOT pretending to be someone/something that you are not or would not like to be.
  3. valuing self-care over “staying busy.”
  4. understanding and leveraging personal strengths.
  5. questioning everything with childlike curiosity
  6. Checking your ego at the door.

U is for Understanding

Introverts listen.

We absorb information, energy and perception and use that knowledge to create a peaceful environment for ourselves.

The more you UNDERSTAND, the more you can HELP. Problem-solving is easy when you UNDERSTAND what the REAL problem actually is.

V is for Vision

Seeing the world through the eyes of an introvert can seem lonely.

And seeing an introvert from the outside looking in, it might seem as if we are just kinda bumbling around without much purpose or direction.

But, look closely and you will find that most introverts have some sort of BIG IDEA for ourselves that we see and understand CLEARLY. We have spent plenty of time in our minds exploring the intricacies of our thoughts and desires and use our vision to propel us forward when we are stuck.

If you are an introverted entrepreneur who feels stuck:

  1. Get REALLY CLEAR on what it is you want to accomplish (and why!).
  2. Make a clear goal for yourself (the bigger the better.)
  3. Do ONE THING RIGHT NOW to move yourself closer to that goal.
  4. Celebrate and reflect. (What went right? What should you change?)
  5. Act AGAIN.

W is for World domination

Hehe. Just seeing if your still awake. 😉

But seriously, introverts are taking over the world… quietly.

X is for Xerox

Okay, okay.. this one was TOUGH.

A xerox would be the literal opposite of what introverted entrepreneurs stand for. A xerox is essentially a COPY of something. And since we already know that introverts can be little rebels, it’s essentially impossible for us to just be a copy.

We pride ourselves on our unique qualities that make up the fabric of WHO WE ARE.

Y is for Youthful

I love Disney.

Ever since I received a Little Mermaid blanket for Christmas as a child, I have been hooked by The Mouse. I remember my mom buying every Disney VHS that was released.

It’s no coincidence that Introverts tend to be fanatics (hello fellow Hufflepuffs!) and enjoy the escape from the outside world that reading provides.

Our endless quest to find meaning in the meaningless keeps the childlike curious qualities alive inside of us.

Z is for Zig (when others zag)

Living in an extroverted world as an introvert, we are told the qualities that will get us ahead in life, love and business.


Do things THIS WAY.

Have THESE things.

But, there is tremendous value is zigging when others are zagging. It takes guts, strategy and persistence to forge your own path. On the flip size, everything you ever wanted is yours for the taking!

If you are constantly being told to go one way, that is a sure sign that you should NOT go that way… unless you truly desire it. But, I’ll leave that for you to decide.



Are you an introvert? I hope this post helps you navigate through some of your feelings and sheds some light on different aspects of your personality for you!

Feeling any struggles? I would love to hear about them! Pop them in the comments below!

Later, Rebels

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For Introverted Entrepreneurs and those who love to live differently or “outside-of-the-box”……


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