How I Manifested A $3000 Trip To Palm Beach

What would your life look like if you could manifest anything you desired? How would that feel to you?  

Today I am so excited to talk to you a bit about manifesting, sometimes called the law of attraction, karma or “The Secret.” I know, I know.. Stop rolling your eyes. Law of attraction and manifesting have become quite the buzz words.

Hear me out first, and then let’s open up some dialogue about this…

If you are a star-manifester and already have everything you heart desires, *hair toss* then this post probably isn’t for you. 😉


But if you have the eyes to see and the ears to hear and this message finds you when you need it most like it did for me, listen up, buttercup because I am about to cut through the crap you are used to. You only get raw and real with me, therefore NOTHING is absolute- there is always space for flow so please, sound off in the comments and let me know what you think!


The very first thing I want to mention before you get down and dirty and actually start “doing the thing” is that you will probably be super duper skeptical of this process/idea at first,

I know I was!!

But what I want you to understand (and this is probably the most important part of everything I am about to tell you) is that what I am talking about the next few minutes is currently happening. It is happening to you now, always has been and always will be. Whether you like it or not, whether you care or not, or whether or not you work on developing the skills to actually utilize it effectively, it is still in motion all the time.


Now, I have been researching and practicing and basically obsessing over my personal development journey for several years now. I have worked through a lot of life (y’know) “junk” that has taken me a lifetime to clear.

My husband and I eventually reached a point of “ahhhhhh. I can finally breathe” a couple of months ago. We decided should have an adventure. We didn’t have any specific plans or destinations in mind- all we knew was that we wanted to get away for a couple of days just to reconnect.


So, I went about my days as normal. I didn’t really think about it too much but if I found a place I liked, I would send links to Mr. H and ask him “does this look like something fun you may want to do?”  I checked out airbnb rentals at different locations to get a feel for what was out there to do,and see and experience. I bought a couple of different outfits I could see myself wearing while sipping a margarita by the pool  (Because my mind was set on somewhere tropical) but I didn’t obsess about the idea, I just kept it moving. Literally a week later I get this email….


winner email



My first thought? TOTAL SCAM.

So I did what any rational, critical thinking human did and researched the shit outta this company. (I mean, they needed my social and I ain’t just handing that out to anyone….) I stalked their Facebook, verified all of their social media links and business information plus some various other sleuth-like strategies before I finally realized that yep, I had actually done it. I manifested my trip and WAY sooner than I even thought I could.

My trip had almost instantly manifested out of nowhere yet At the same time, the trip I won was from a contest I entered last November. But I let go of the attachment to a very specific outcome so much so that I never even THOUGHT about winning a trip as a means of taking our vacation. I just wanted to GO.

And that’s literally it. That’s all I did.

But it’s not just this one single thing. It’s everything.

Everything in my life, and in your life has been manifested. Everything that exists now was an idea or energy before it was actually a physical, graspable thing. Seriously, everything.

Look around at your environment- what do you see? A chair? Lights? A table? It all came FROM somewhere. THAT place of creation is what we are aligning with when we undergo this journey and accept this challenge. To have the power that “if I can see it in my mind I can hold it in my hand.”  Isn’t that fucking beautiful??

So If we look at this thing with an open mind, we realize that this practice of manifesting is a living, breathing thing that is responding to us every second.  

The BACKBONE of this living, breathing system is our emotions. Our emotions drive us to get out of bed in the morning. Emotion is the energy that fuels and propels us through the inevitable mud and ick of life. 

Emotion is the energy that fuels and propels us through the inevitable mud and ick of life. 

A system also needs a purpose or a mission.  A reason to function

The heart of the system is Faith, which pours freely from an open heart.

Please don’t confuse this with faith in the religious sense. The only faith you need is in yourself. If you don’t understand it deeply That YOU are solely in charge and That you have immense power beyond your wildest dreams its time to do some soul searching because I promise you That it’s in you and it’s my soul mission to empower you with this knowledge.

Faith moves you to act AS IF.

As if you already have all of the money you need to feel safe.

As if you have kicked self-doubt to the curb

As if you are exactly who you keep trying to be.

Aaaaaand this is the part where YOU say “ but Chelsea…..I work a dead end job, I am not super talented at anything, I lack motivation, I have no time, I have no money… I don’t even know what I want I am stressed out and feel like a total failure. I feel doomed and unlucky.”


Well, with an attitude like that, I’m not surprised that you are reading this far….


Sweetie, Failure is TAUGHT to us

We are literally programmed to be afraid.

We are taught from a very early age, even in school, that failure is a BAD thing.

We learn that some people are just failures. And we secretly wonder if we are
“Doomed” to become one of these failures.

Screw that! mistakes are not failures.

Repeat after me: “yes, I may fall flat on my ass, but those are just lessons that teach me something each time along the way.” It is all a part of the journey.

What have you learned from your failures? Use it.

Lastly- Action.

The lungs of the manifesting system.

Action breathes life into feelings and missions. Action ensures balance and harmony.

You can’t unleash all of these desires into the Universe and then go make a sandwich and wait for it to start showering from the Heavens. Cause, you are gonna be waiting an awful long time, Darlin’. And more than likely, once you actually DO receive the things you desire, you realize all you really wanted was something to wash the sandwich down.


Are you thinking at this point “blah blah, get on with it, tell me where to collect the cash?

Then you are NOT going to like what I am about to say next.

Honestly, All you reallllllllllllllly gotta do is BE abundance. This is the first action you must take if you don’t know WHAT else to try (or if you are brand new to this and have no idea what I am talking about…)

BE abundance.

You can start by visualizing in vivid detail exactly what you are asking for. You can let your creative imagination wander and feel how it would feel to have what you are asking for RIGHT NOW.

You can pray in whatever way works best for you to whoever you believe may be there to answer. Pray for strength. Pray for clarity. Pray for guidance.

You can also just sleep. There are some moments when all you need to make a huge shift is to throw your hands in the air, say “screw it” and take a nap.

Do whatever feels right for you, but find a way to act on your intentions. I am always available with strategy calls if you need help with this part. You can message me for information if you are interested. I can provide you with personalized Intuitive readings and action plans to help spark your momentum.

Now, what happens when you combine these 3 elements?

You build momentum.

When you take a look around and realize there are aspects of your life that you are just not okay with anymore, you unleash your desires for how you want your life to be. And that’s a good thing- it’s what gives life flavor and shows you what you like and what you don’t.

These desires are as individual as you are. When you have faith in yourself and the process (which is really just letting go of attachments to HOW it’s coming to you) you can spring into massive CREATIVE action that will manifest results. Whether the results are positive or negative is all based on how you look at the situation, but from the awareness of what you have manifested, without judgment, you will start to desire MORE and with more faith and more clarity, you will spring into even quicker creative massive action and manifest something else, then something else, then something else. You will not become a manifesting machine, you already are! We all are. But with awareness and intention, you can absolutely create anything for yourself. You have that power.

Think of it as your garden.

You plant the seeds into the soil and water and tend to them and eventually, they will be ready to harvest and use to grow new crops. I am not teaching you how to plant the seed, there are so many resources for that- STRATEGIES ABOUND! What I am doing is showing you how to BE the gardener. If you are ready to explore everything that is available to you, grab a shovel and dig in. Here, you will meet “Sparky”  my awesome little sidekick who is helping me empower you and others like you in my community. You can expect inspiration, motivation, words of encouragement and first dibs on tips and tools to break away from the bullshit and finally take control.



I hope everyone has a fabulous week and if you know someone who could benefit from this message, I encourage you to share it with them.

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