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Apply Today To Join The Model Program: Photography That Inspires The Greatness Within.

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When you are in front of my lens, I don’t just photograph you, the person. I photograph love and pain, laughter and strength; wisdom and kindness. I can give you a sneak peek into those fleeting moments that piece together your story. Through candid, unscripted moments and a carefully crafted message, we can capture your story naturally.

When you have a custom session with me, you are getting more than just photos- you are experiencing the magic of truth and authenticity. Forget the awkward poses and boring backdrops.


The Model Program Testimonials


Perks of the Model Program:

  • A fully customized, heavily discounted modeling session (custom portraits.) We can add fun props, themes, locations and really dive deep into your story or message.
  • Facebook photos to share with friends, family, and followers.
  • 20% off portrait orders (forever!) Have the ability to re-live your session time and time again digitally and displayed prominently in your home.
  • Brand Ambassador spiffs (such as free merchandise and free sessions with referrals.)
  • Your very own feature on to share with your friends, family, and followers. Feel confident in your truth and owning your story.

Are you still putting off getting portraits done? I can almost BET you have one of these reasons:

  • No time to look around, research photographers, compare prices, wait in long lines at the studio.
  • Custom photography is an investment.
  • You don’t feel comfortable around someone else.

Everyone’s situation is a little different, but the results are still the same. The strong desire for inspired art portraits, but always one-reason-or-the-other not to get them done.

The Model Program Testimonials

Which is exactly why I created the Model Program!

The model program was designed for you so that we can team up in a mutual relationship. See, I care deeply about the quality of my work and the experience of my models. I want more for you! Together, we can create images that ooze emotion, inspired by your vision. If you are a raving fan of Chelsea Shoots People- shout it from the rooftops, baby ’cause brand ambassadors in the model program are not shy to spread the word about the magic we are making over here.

Not only that but everyone you refer will earn you MORE spiffs- like free sessions and even CASH as my thanks to you!

Don’t look back in 5 years and wish you would have just done it. 

Why is it even important to have your portrait taken?

There are so many reasons! Here are just a few:

  • Photography creates emotion.
  • Photographs connect us to the past.
  • Preserve your memories- good or bad- life moves fast.
  • Images can be understood in any language. The language of light is Universal!
  • Highlight “missed details” so no little thing goes unnoticed.
  • Photography forces you to be present and in the moment.
  • It combines art, imagination, and innovation in a purely magical way.
  • You can see things from multiple perspectives.
  • Portraits allow you to share your message or story.
  • Photographs document history and progress or change.
  • Using photographs in your business is a powerful form of visual communication.
  • Custom photography gives you the competitive edge versus using stock photos.

What are your responsibilities in the Model Program?

That’s simple! Here is a quick outline of what you will need to do

Step 1- Fill out the application at the bottom of this page. It’s more of a “get-to-know-you” than an “accept/reject” kinda deal.

Step 2- Download and print the contract agreement. Read carefully and sign/date. Please return to me either a.) The day of the photoshoot with cash OR b.) Take a photo and email to *Session CANNOT be done until this step is completed.*                                                              

Step 3- Within 48 hours, I will contact you to schedule your session. We will go over location, theme, mood, storylines and more. Feel free to let your creativity run wild! Have fun with it!                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Step 4- Pay $59 creative fee for your session. Payment Options: a.) Credit card or b.) Cash (due before the session begins the day of, at the latest.) No checks, please.

After your session is completed, you will take part in an “online campaign.” During the online campaign you will be responsible for:

  • Sharing your portraits on social media.
  • Tagging Chelsea Shoots People in shared media and links.
  • Spreading the word via word of mouth about your experience.
  • Providing a written or digital testimonial for marketing purposes.
  • Following Chelsea Shoots People across social media.


The Model Program Testimonials


The Model Program Testimonials


The Model Program Testimonials


The Model Program Testimonials


Model Program FAQ:

Q: What happens if I don’t like it? I am positive you will love your session and experience. If for some reason you are unsatisfied, please contact me for a reshoot.

Q: Can you photoshop my butt? Occasionally I will photoshop something here or there. But, my goal is to capture the essence of you. I will work tirelessly to capture you in the best, most authentic light (without making you look like an airbrushed doll.)

Q: Where should we shoot? Anywhere, really! Some girls rent hotel rooms for boudoir sets. Others like to shoot at parks. Occasionally, a model will enjoy a beach-themed photo shoot or strut their stuff in the city. I am local to Tampa/Brandon, but will travel for an additional fee.

Q: How soon will I get my pictures? You can expect your pictures in 2-4 weeks. Occasionally, post processing can delay delivery up to 12 weeks. Your patience is appreciated!

Q: I want prints of my images, what can I do? That’s easy, simply place an order with me! Don’t forget about your 20% discount! Take advantage of your model program perks. You can order prints ranging from wallets to 16X24, canvases and high-quality photo albums. You will find a full pricing sheet in your model program contract package download.

Q: Do you take payments? YES! I take payments for any orders over $200. Pay as little as $10 a week. Inquire for details!

Ready to get started in the Model Program?

Fill out the application

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Then Download this form

[purchase_link id=”1032″ style=”button” color=”blue” text=”DOWNLOAD MODEL PROGRAM CONTRACT PDF” direct=”true”]

And I will be in touch soon!

I look forward to shooting you!

P.S. Sessions Starting March 2017.


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