Are You A Peaceful Rebel?

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What exactly is a Peaceful Rebel?

I’m not one for labels and chiseling something into concrete and stuffing it into little boxes. I am much more of an airy-fairy free-spirit, go-with-the-flow, always-write-in-pencil-cause-I-always-change-my-mind hopscotch kinda girl. However, I thought it would be important to write a post about what my idea of a Peaceful Rebel actually IS.

My goal has been to create a place that peaceful rebels can easily find, recognize as “home” and feel safe to hop in. By giving a definition to “Peaceful Rebel,” I am not creating rigid standards. In fact, this whole definition thing is really just a jumping-off point. Because, if there is 1 thing I have learned on this journey- it’s that the ONLY thing that will always be, is change.

First, let’s talk about what a Peaceful Rebel IS NOT.

  • A peaceful rebel is NOT close-minded.
  • A peaceful rebel is NOT the loudest & proudest in the room.
  • A peaceful rebel is NOT always confident.
  • A peaceful rebel is NOT one who always follows the “rules.”
  • A peaceful rebel is NOT doing what everyone else is doing because everyone else is doing it.
  • A peaceful rebel is NOT one who limits others.
  • A peaceful rebel is NOT violent & on a hair-trigger.
  • A peaceful rebel is NOT keeping up with the Jones’.

Let’s break it down.

Peaceful– adj. Not disturbed by turmoil, not violent; peacefully resistant.

Rebel– adj. Someone who exhibits great independence in thought and action; break with established customs; (verb) take part in a rebellion.

A Peaceful Rebel leaves space for conversation- without judgment.

If you are a peaceful rebel, you may often find yourself having trouble fitting into the little boxes laid out for you.

You may also find yourself (it’s almost like a reflex at this point) taking every internet quiz and questionnaire you can get your hot little hands on.

We tend to go-with-the-flow, but still manage to always leave room for our ever-changing reality to grow. Although, it can be a bit of a “love people, hate people” kind of dilemma. Because on the one hand, we are so open and free and pretty much follow the wind. But on the other, we simply can’t stand for anything that doesn’t feel “right.” If it isn’t cozy and authentic, get it the heck out!

Peaceful rebels talk BIG. Small talk is a sin and we would rather smile and keep it moving. But catch us mano y mano and speak on the Universe, you will have one hell of a conversationalist on your hands!!

We find it almost IMPOSSIBLE to stick to one way of thinking versus the next. Sometimes, we can even be seen as a flake because of it. I swear, I am the worst at returning a phone call, or setting (much less keeping) a play date. I know I am not alone! Many have reached out to me with the same issues.

Rigid standards of career choice, relationships, belief systems, political affiliations, fashion trends and even taste in music is a no-go for us. We not only typically enjoy “fringe culture,” but we usually end up changing our taste in literally everything on a consistent basis. Good luck trying to figure us out!

A Peaceful Rebel believes that everyone belongs and is important. EVERYONE. There is no room for judgment because we are laser-focused and heart-centered.

We live fearlessly. Although, we always feel like a huge chicken.

We make a conscious choice (no matter how hard it can be at times) to tune out this noisy world we live in just enough so that we can march to the rhythm of our hearts song. We connect with what is authentic to us and means the most to us and then work tirelessly to align our life and goals to our intuition. We are guided by ourselves. (And our higher selves.)

Here’s where it gets fun…

The biggest quality of a peaceful rebel, aside from introversion and stubbornness (hey, you didn’t think I was gonna let you slide that easy, did you? 😉) is the fact that we are one BigHugeGiant contradiction.

Redundant?     Nope. Very fitting.

We are all things at once and in unequal measures. Sometimes, I am certain I have 2 personalities. It’s as if we have gotten so accustomed to operating IRL, that we forget WHO we actually are and are sometimes faced with that person- Can you say anxiety-prone???

Have you ever realized that you both LOVE and HATE  a certain type of music?

Are you insanely good at public speaking but cannot even stomach the idea of stepping on a stage in front of more than 5 people?

Or maybe you are a social butterfly once you get to know a crowd, but on first sight are usually labeled “the bitch” or “the quiet one.” (RBF is a REAL thing, people.)

You may know the familiar feeling of wanting desperately to go somewhere, ANYWHERE, then immediately make excuses as to why you can’t make it to a function past 6pm. (Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me.) You probably would have an EXCELLENT time at that party… but Netflix and books are just what the doctor ordered.

You decide how you parent, regardless of what everyone else is doing.

You decide how you spend your time, your money and your energy and if you aren’t perfect at it- That’s Okay! You are here for a reason. 🙂

Peaceful? Check. Rebel? Check. Now, what?

Well, if you are sick and TIRED of the mediocrity of life and are TRULY willing to devote time AND energy into mindset work, self-awareness, personal development, spirituality and generally living a more fulfilling, authentic life- I have an invite with YOUR name on it. See, when I realized there were so many of “us” I knew I had to do something… so I did!

I created the Peaceful Rebellion group and invite other rebels (such as yourself) to join. There, we share and support each other. Going forward, we will be actively participating in making magic together. But we can’t do that alone!

If you can identify with a peaceful rebel, we would love to have you!

You don’t HAVE to be a mom, a biz-babe, blogger or anything, really. We come from all walks of life and live all sorts of realities. The number 1 thing that brings us together is understanding.

We understand feeling like a ghost. Totally invisible.

We get being “the weirdo.”

We support and applaud those courageous enough to give a damn about what they believe to be true.

Ready to fill up your cup and join in the magic?! I am so frickin’ excited!

See you on the other side, Rebel.

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Learn more about Chelsea and sign up for updates! Leave a comment below and let me know how you identify as a peaceful rebel. 🙂

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