A Photographer: 8 Quirky Habits To Expect

If you’ve ever had a professional photo shoot or hired a professional photographer, you may have noticed them doing some, ahem, strange things.

Or perhaps you are a shutterbug yourself and can totally relate to these!

Here are 8 quirky habits of a photographer:

1. A Photographer will shine bright lights in your face

“oh, sorry, my flash was on.” [TWEET THIS ♥]

I am pretty sure everyone who has ever owned a camera with a flash can understand this one. Photographers love light, seriously.

Best advice I can give? Try not to cry.

2. A photographer will constantly appear to be twitching

Photographers have a zillion variables we are trying to control simultaneously while chasing that “perfect shot.” We are checking to ensure we have the correct camera settings, that the lighting is just right, everything is in frame, your hair is flowing nicely, and your posing looks natural (crap! forgot the lens cap!) that we may seem like we couldn’t hold a full, complete thought if our life depended on it. We will run around the shoot like a maniac making sure every detail is just right.

Sometimes its best to just stand there. Still.

Seriously, don’t freakin’ move.

3. A photographer will say random crap.


By nature, we instantly become comedians when faced with a stoic, blank expression. I will literally jump up and down, scratching my underarms like a monkey to make a child crack even the slightest smile. Oh, not a fan of the monkey dance? Prepare to be dazzled by one-liners and knock-knock jokes.

I have no shame.

4. A photographer will take (insert # above 100 here) pictures of the same flower, bridge or rock.

You know him/her.

I am him/her.

In our defense, we love practicing our ever-evolving photography, testing out different settings under different circumstances and recreating the same exact shot that may look nothing like the original. We love taking pictures, period. So what if we have 4,804,845 copies of the same old building, better make it one more just to be safe!

5. A photographer will go as low (or high) as humanly possible.


Photographers will risk life and limb (and sometimes our sanity) in the name of the shot. I recently did a maternity shoot (at the beach of all places) and was so low to the ground, I literally ATE SAND… but, I got the shot!

We simply can’t NOT crawl around on the ground if it means we will achieve the perspective we are going for.

If there is a limit to the lengths we will go for a shot, it has yet to be reached.

6. A photographer will probably refuse to show images in progress.

Sometimes it is helpful to give you a peek at some of the images we are capturing to help you see what we are going for, but please do not ask to see every image. We click away taking shots from every possible angle to give ourselves more to work with in post processing. We may feel very insecure about showing all of the pictures, especially before they have been edited, for fear that you will view some throwaways and think we are not doing a good job. Trust in your instincts that the reason you hired us is because you love our work.

7. A photographer might encourage Children to do things they are not usually allowed to do

Normally our kids have limitations just like any child, but when we are going for a certain look, we might blur where that line crosses in the hopes of capturing the shot we need. (Disclaimer: no matter how quirky a photographer may be, NEVER put a child in danger in the name of a photo ♥ Safety First.)

8. A photographer will randomly pull over for impromptu photo shoots.

Or plan trips around photo ops. I can’t tell you how many times I have said before an outing “ok, when we get there, we have to take pictures of (insert things my son and husband hate to do here) and THEN you can run off and (insert things my son and husband would rather be doing here.)

Are you a shutterbug that can relate to these quirky habits?

Then you sound a whole lot like ME!

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Do you have any quirky habits that I didn’t mention? I would love to hear them! I value each and every single comment and interaction with you guys!!


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