Poetry To Enrich Your Life [Rebel Guests]

Poetry To Enrich Your Life: A Guest Post Compilation

I would love to thank my good friend, Chase for submitting his work! Poetry is so important to creatives and introverts! 🙂

Sometimes “getting it out” is half of the process.

Poetry has always been a way to express my feelings, no matter what was going on around me. It gave me the freedom to say what my soul felt.

Thankfully, I could always count on my poetry book to be there for me and with me, no matter how alone I felt inside. I quickly realized how powerful words were and my love of writing has continued…

You are welcome to submit a poem!

This will be a “living blog post,” meaning I will add other pieces as they are given to me. If you have one you would like to share, send it to me! I would be happy to include one. Please include your name and a link to your space.

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I really hope you enjoy! ♥

Chase Cain, 2016

We all go through this it’s part of the tragedy we call living life. Some say it’s sad to be alive with such misery. I look back and say it beautiful to feel so alive and be able to write my story for others to read one day and never let my truths die. Not enough, one too many could find their reason why. Asking the blind for the first thing that comes to sight.

Just say the word. And we will find the ligh.t Not enough, one too many finding the pain to feel alive. Understanding your reason. Even though I already said goodbye.

I know you will never be honest with your self, that’s why I left you, behind you, hold on hoping things will go your way. Knowing I found my peace without your love. I never had your love, I had peace of mind.

One too many, not enough could understand why. Even you couldn’t lead the blind. Just say the word. And you forget what it’s like. Just say the word and remember. Who was there when you where looking for love? Cause pain is your heart’s doorway, not one too many could find the reason.

poetry doorway

Chase Cain, 2016

Staring at you as you look at me, we are so far away from each other, but I’m standing right next to you.

How I feel, everything has destroyed my point of views that can’t breathe into you.
How do I refuse to let go of those feelings that make me fight myself at night? Soaking the bed in sheets that leave my showdown in freight.

If you could sit in my head and listen to what it’s like to be those thoughts, would you breathe into me and see all these feelings can’t be forgotten?


Ashley C., 2017

When the night is closing in and dusk has enveloped the sky the sweet dalliance on the horizon where the sun caresses the sea and sirens wail a hypnotic tune is when the opulent aura of the world is quiet and still and for a moment… Just a moment… I will surrender to peace.

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