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Hey introvert. I see you. I see you even though you are hiding behind you phone and your computer. You’re nervous about putting your brand, your business and even worse… YOURSELF out there.

I’ve been there before and I’m here to tell you that you do NOT have to be like everyone else, nor do you have to feel like you have sold your soul to be successful. You already have THAT anyways.

I’m sure you have been told a trillion-zillion times what you *should* be doing on social media… but it just feels so wrong to be all “ME ME ME ME.”

Even though you *know* having and executing a social media strategy is super duper important (don’tcha?!)

you’re still

  • Hearing crickets.
  • Unsure of what to post half the time.
  • Afraid everything you are doing is just wasting time.
  • Feeling like an icky salesman.


That’s totally normal! We don’t waltz out of the womb with tons ‘o social media strategic knowledge. Being an introvert myself, I get all the mega-feels anytime I post anything online.

  • “What if someone ACTUALLY reads this?!”
  • “I’m sure people think I am a FRAUD.”
  • “Man, I sound like a broken record.”
  • “UGH, I just don’t know WHAT to post!!”
  • “I am too afraid to even answer the phone, how am I supposed to share my message with THE WORLD?!”

Hitting “publish” can often be the hardest part!!

If you’re sick of

  • Wasting weekends scheduling and batching a ton of random posts with no strategy and gaining zero momentum
  • Throwing money at ads with no objectives or testing
  • Broadcasting AT your fans or readers, instead of talking TO them
  • Feeling like you can’t be YOU and still reach people


This guide is for YOU.


The Goal here is to create engaging and compelling content, attracting a natural (and targeted!) audience through authentic and strategic content.


You NEVER have to worry about having nothing to post if you have a rolodex FULL of posts ready-to-go to fill in the “campaign” gaps.


You will increase SHAREABILITY to reach larger audiences, but in a way that also feels comfy-cozy, not slimy.


In order to GET what you want, you have to KNOW what you want. Write down or figure out what exactly that is. At first, you may even *think* you want one thing, then realize that you *actually* want something else, just start somewhere.

What CONNECTIONS do you want?

WHO are you speaking to?

Try not to focus on the numbers so much. Numbers mean very, very little in the social media world.

Sure, if you have a trillion followers, that’s AMAZING and I am SURE some of them are buying.

But here on Earth, even with a few hundred thousand followers you could still find yourself broke and struggling or even just disconnected. Neither one is where you wanna be.

Instead of a goal like “I want 500 more Facebook page likes”, goals like “I want to help # people increase ditch their day job and live a life they love” is more like it.


Now that you have a goal (or a few goals) you can figure out a way to reach that goal. WHAT can you do to move yourself closer to that goal?

HOW can you help just 1 person or reach just 1 person and DAZZLE them enough to tell their friends about you or your brand?


You can plan all day long but until you actually collect all the puzzle pieces, you can’t really expect to put them together.

Compile articles, tools (like schedulers and auto-responders), branded graphics and images, *hot-button* words/phrases, etc. and figure out a way to put them together. (psst, I’m giving 80 types of social media posts away to get you started…)


When you wrap up your campaign, celebrate. Whether or not you reached your goal, you were STILL successful because you will have learned SO MUCH about your audience/fans, and may even realize a different direction you should go.

Whatever you do, NEVER feel like a failure. Ever. 🙂

And if you SMASH your goal… keep that momentum going!


This step is actually the hardest for me.

After your campaign has finished, you might get this feeling of “okay, what now.”

It’s actually a pretty loaded question, but armed with the 80 types of social media posts guide, you can sprinkle in some fun, engaging content while you get clarity, prepare and execute your next campaign.

More than likely you will have shifted away from your original goals because either they were

  • Too small. (you actually ARE a rock star!!)
  • Not specific enough.
  • Weren’t what you ACTUALLY wanted.


Now’s the time to re-assess where you are NOW, and figure out WHAT’S NEXT.

Ready to get started??

I put together this MONSTER list for you of 80 types of social media posts you can use anytime you need.

You will find topics and tips in this 20-page PDF that can be used for your Facebook fan page, Pinterest pin topics, Twitter tweets, Instagrams and MORE.

Fill out your name and your best email and you will be taken to your freebie! 🙂



By downloading the guide, you will also be receiving email communications from me so you will always be in the loop. 🙂
Ready to dive deeper with me? Stay Tuned!

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    • You’re welcome, Amanda!
      Being introverted, it can sometimes feel so yucky navigating the social media world. Let me know if you stumble across any issues I haven’t covered yet and I’ll be glad to help! 🙂

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