Success Is A Living And Breathing Thing… Let Me Show You…

Chelsea Shoots People Success and what it means

So far I have given you tutorials about photography and entrepreneurship (things that I have learned on my own little journey to happiness and freedom in my life) but today I am bringing something totally different to the table. Today I’m giving you  a “you” tutorial…
Let me be the FIRST to congratulate you on your success!!

“But Chelsea, I’m not successful. I work a dead end job, I am not super talented at anything, I lack motivation, I have no time, I have no money… I don’t even know what I want.

With an attitude like that, I am not surprised!! Good thing you are here now!

What is the Main Objective?

Pure and simple. The sweet joy of living a life you design on your terms. Living at the pace you set and connecting with others in a way that is authentic to YOU instead of playing a ROLE.
Accepting that things don’t always go well and handling them with ease and grace because you are prepared and have a firm understanding of the 3 life pillars of success no matter where you are on your journey.
Success is not a thing that you get “WHAM!” and then you’re golden. No. Being successful is something that requires DAILY EFFORT because it is a living and breathing thing. Just like YOU.  Let me explain what I mean…

But first…What is success and how can you define it?

That’s the beauty of it! YOU define your OWN success.
The point here is that you can create whatever you want out of life. Whether you want to help others lose weight, or help others cook delicious meals, or even help others with a creative service like photography or blogging. (Are you noticing a common theme here?)
-Is your idea of success being on an island surrounded by enormous piles of money?
-How about being the BEST parent you can be?
-Do you just want to develop one specific skill or hobby?
Anything is possible if you follow these 3 pillars to success on your journey.
I mentioned that success is alive. Time to explain…

The Backbone of Success

This pillar is the easiest one to master and because it is the first pillar, you can quickly move along in your journey. This pillar is all about Emotion.
Think of emotion as energy. Emotion is the energy that fuels your passion.
It is what gets you out of bed in the morning.
What drives you to do the things you do?
Think of your favorite food. Why is it your favorite food? Mine is cheese fries (such a guilty pleasure!) I don’t desire cheese fries because they are potatoes that are cooked and covered with cheese. I love cheese fries because they make me feel indulgent and comforted. I love them because they remind me of a specific time or place. The EMOTION I have towards my favorite things DRIVES me to obtaining the things which I love.
This is a relatively easy concept to understand and master.

Emotional pain makes you selfish.

Have you ever said “The Universe’ hates me” or “if it weren’t for bad luck, I would have no luck at all?”
This is probably because you have been programmed to look at your experiences in a negative way. When something goes wrong, you decide it is because you are “doomed” in some way for failure.
But what if I told you that we make our own luck through our emotions?
You can create your own destiny simply by:
  • Rewarding positivity.
  • Learning to take control of your emotions.

How to manage your emotions effectively:

There are SO many ways to manage your emotions! Choose whichever works best for you!

  • Expressing difficult emotions.
  • Meditation.
  • Controlled Breathing.
  • Reflecting on your emotions.
  • Writing down how you feel about things.
  • Challenge, in thought, your immediate emotional or physical response to things.
  • Self soothing through senses such as touch or hearing.
  • Objectively thinking about your emotions.
  • Journaling.
  • Considering all perspectives.
  • Identifying feelings and the triggers of those feelings.
  • Making a choice through logic and clear ideas.

You can, you should, and if you’re brave enough to start, you will. (Click to Tweet

The Heart of Success

The second pillar of success on your journey to happiness is faith.
This does not have to specifically be a faith in God. The faith you do, however, need is faith in yourself.
You must have faith that you will achieve your ultimate goal because you have the driving force of emotion to fuel your fire.
Once you understand fully that success IS an inevitable part of your life, you begin to quit worrying about failing.

Failure is TAUGHT to us

It is human nature to be afraid of failing.
We are taught from a very early age, even in school, that failure is a BAD thing.
We learn that some people are just failures. This is completely false.
Understand that mistakes are not failures. Tell yourself that “yes, I may make mistakes, but those are just lessons that teach me something each time along the way.” It is all a part of the journey.

Faith separates the winners from the losers

Those who are happiest are the ones who believe they are the happiest.
Those who win the race are the ones who believe they are going to win at the starting line and throughout months of preparation and training (fueled by the desire to win.)

Do not let other’s lack of faith determine yours

You will come across many people who may not believe in your journey to happiness as strongly as you do. Being able to recognize that your faith is not determined by other’s will allow you to fully understand that you may not win at everything, but you recognize what is happening, which makes something that once seemed daunting easier because you are emotionally prepared for the task of handling it.
Once you can finally reach the point where you have full faith in the process of the journey towards your happiness, you will not only end up loving yourself more, but you will open up to a completely changed world that constantly changes right before your eyes.

How to start believing in yourself

  1. Make a list in your journal of your accomplishments. Identify patterns in the things you have had success with to have a deeper understanding of your skills. Write those skills down on a separate list. Find activities that allow your skills to really shine and seek out opportunities to help people with those skills.
  2. Set goals for yourself. By realistically giving yourself something to work towards, you are telling yourself you believe you can achieve them or you would not have even set them to begin with.
  3. Give yourself permission to experiment with new things. You never know what lies ahead. By allowing yourself to step out of your comfort zone with full faith that you are prepared to handle whatever the outcome, you can take on the world!
  4. Positively reflect on events of the past. Were you once a clarinet player in the high school band? Maybe you were first chair. How awesome! What did you do to get there? Obviously you CAN do something that brings you joy and succeed at it because you have done it before.
  5. Write yourself a check for 1 Million Dollars. Seriously. I did this and put it in a secret place. I plan to cash that bad boy one day!

“Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right” (Click To Tweet)

The Lungs of Success

The third and final pillar of success is action.
Newton’s third law tells us that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. From this basic principle we can determine 3 things from action:
  1. Action (or lack thereof) is all about symmetry and balance. Basically, what you get (out of life) is DIRECTLY PROPORTIONAL to what you give.
  2. Reaction does not work properly if the action is taking. If you want something, you must first provide something of equal or greater value. (Many times what you receive in return for giving something is far greater in value than what you originally gave.)
  3. By increasing negative or destructive habits and behaviors, we decrease successful habits.

How to manifest anything you truly want

Easy! Act on your intentions and provide some sort of value to The Universe.

6 Steps to creating successful habits:

  1. Take an inventory of your habits. Write these habits down in a journal. Even things such as how long you sleep, what time you complete projects and what you eat, are all habits that should be kept track of. » I used to have the worst habit of being “fashionably late” to everything. 
  2. Change the easier negative actions first. I realized the main reason I had trouble reaching places on time was due to lack of planning. Now, » when I have appointments or anything to do, I plan ahead and leave a little earlier.
  3. Reward Yourself! My treat to myself for getting to places on time seems small, but is a strong motivator for me personally. »  I reward myself with a peaceful drive on the way to work. I listen to something motivating that I carefully chose ahead of time. I know how the traffic will be, I know I have a full tank of gas, and that this trip should be relatively smooth and less stressful because I am not rushing around. (can you see the faith?!)
  4. Reap the Rewards. As a BONUS reward of enjoying my car ride to work (because The Universe loves to give back, and then some!) » I am able to start my day on a positive note. I am excited and ready to start the day because of the motivational audio I listened to while enjoying a pleasant car ride because I planned a positive habit of getting to work on time and took action on that habit.
  5. Rinse and Repeat. Repeat this same process for every single aspect of your life. » Identify actionable moments and ACT ON THEM.

The Flow of Energy Through the 3 Pillars of Success

Energy is created through desire and combines with faith to create a fire that fuels us to take action on the things that make us happy. Whether that “thing” is being a better parent, running a profitable business, creating highly desired works of art (or anything else!), it does not matter.

The action we take fuels the desire based on the results we get (no matter how small) which causes our faith in ourselves to boost tremendously!

And when we have FAITH in ourselves, we ACT on situations more quickly because WE KNOW we will be successful.
And the cycle continues on and on….
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Until next time!

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