December 5, 2017

30-Day Transformation Kick-Start Program

Are you ready to stop DREAMING and start DOING?

I get it, I get it. You have so many goals, ambitions and ideas about how things should be for you. You know there is something MORE out there for you and you have BEEN ready to finally reach it, something just seems to get in the way everytime you try.

30 day transformation kickstart

You've got VISION and HEART

But you are struggling with too many ideas and no clear sense of direction.

The thought of choosing a specific path (and making the "wrong choice") terrifies you to your core, which stops you dead in your tracks.

What you need is clarity, guidance and support. You KNOW you are destined for MORE and you have deep faith that you actually CAN do it- you just need some guidance to help you help yourself. 

If you are FINALLY ready to STOP DREAMING and start ACTUALLY DOING- You have come to the right place!!

Chelsea shoots people easy like sunday morning

CONGRATULATIONS!!! This is your invite into the kick-start program!

What's included in the 30-day self-paced program?

30 Tarot Cards (1 for each day)

For the next 30 days, you will have 1 main theme tarot card for each day. The deck is reshuffled after every pull so it is possible for the same themes to recur over and over. Use your daily guidance to prepare, reflect and take back your power.

Custom Journal Prompts & Discovery Exercises

I will spend time curating the perfect prompts and exercises for you to strengthen your spiritual muscles. Based on my book, Imprisoned To Empowered, you will learn more about yourself and how you can use your unique gifts to make an impact on the world.

Daily Affirmations

Your affirmations will be customized based on the cards in your 30-day reading. Use the affirmations to either eliminate something unwanted from your life or to create the space for something new.

Habit Tracker

We will look at what's going right and make changes along the way based on YOUR PERSONAL VALUES. This is not a cookie-cutter worksheet, as it is customized based on your specific set of goals, values and vision for the future. Catch what is slipping through the cracks by tracking the habits that are most important to YOU.

Weekly Email Follow-Up & Support

You wanna get moving in the direction of your goals and vision.

You are ready to take the leap and MAKE.IT.HAPPEN.

The ONE THING that most people miss is accountability. Having the support of someone who is dedicated and passionate about YOUR SUCCESS is absolutely crucial to the speed and ability in which you attain your goals.

Would a professional athlete step out on the field without long-term coaching at the highest level? Absolutely not.

Lack of support is the reason most people fail when they set a goal for themselves. But NOT YOU, not today!

Every 7 days in your personalized program, you will have a "homework sheet." Simply complete the homework and send it over to me for review. I may ask questions, give advice, send you more material or simply whatever I can to guide you. 

Your support is customized to you based on the Tarot cards chosen for you and is designed to hold you accountable to ensure that your goals are met.

Group Promo Rights

Promote your offerings in the Imprisoned To Empowered Facebook Group! (limit 1 per week, please.)


Enjoy these spiritual rituals:

  • Sigils for Manifesting- How To Make And Use Sigils To Get What You Want
  • The Money Knot Instructions- Always have magic at your fingertips
  • Quick Money Ritual (Candle) for quick manifesting

Remain focused on your visions and goals, gain clarity and ask yourself carefully crafted questions that move you to ACT on your intentions, rather than remaining frozen, trapped in a box- wondering "what if."


Your story is waiting on you to tell it…

I am going to take you on a journey.. An authentic exploration of your Truth.

(no cheesy smiles or awkward posing required.)

Just imagine yourself, years from now, looking back on moments from your life. What do you see?

  • Frustration & constant struggle?
  • Worry & fear?
  • Self-doubt and imposter syndrome?
  • A whole buncha “what-if’s?”

Are you living the life you are creating, the WAY that feels good… or are you just going through the motions?

I am so glad you are here.

Who am I?

Chelsea Hutson Entrepreneur

Why, hello there! I’m Chelsea and I created this magical space.

I currently reside in the Tampa area and I absolutely adore the melting pot of personalities that I come in contact with every single day living here. The relaxed and laid back lifestyle suits me to a tee. I am a total beach bum!

I am a firm believer in authenticity, coziness, and abundance.

(I’m also a TOTAL introvert!)

I am driven by my passion for emotion, love, and family.

I am here for you.

A little Background on me:

I have always been the weird one. The loner.

I spent my entire life feeling totally alone. Not that I was actually alone 100% of the time, but I always felt like I was “different.”

When I was 5.. I asked my mom “what do we think of the color yellow?”

That single question was my 5-year-old self telling the world, I see more.

There is magic in an eye that can see beyond “the normal” because when everyone around me saw “just a traffic light,” I saw more.

I started my personal development journey in May of 2015 and on that journey discovered my personality type, INFP. LIGHTBULB!!

My ENTIRE LIFE (literally) was spent inside my head.

  • Worrying about what other people thought of me.
  • Recovering from the energy-depletion I experienced daily.
  • Wondering if I was a ghost… (Can anyone actually even SEE me?!)
  • Being classified as a “bitch.” (Negative first impressions, eh?)
  • Missing out on “life” because of my need to avoid conflict.
  • Feeling neglected and left out.


and honey, so. do. you.

If you have a burning passion to design a life you design, create your own reality & live a high vibe lifestyle… Work with me and we can make magic TOGETHER! ♥

This program is NOT for you if:

  • You are the QUEEN of excuses.
  • You are not ready to create POWERFUL new habits in your life.
  • You don't care about your own personal motives, goals and values (plus how they help you achieve your goals.)
  • You have no desire to rediscover and reconnect with your higher self.
  • You hate goal-setting or visualizing.
chelsea shoots people rejecting

But if you are FINALLY READY to make the BIG CHANGES you have been dreaming about for so long by receiving TANGIBLE benefits, outcomes and manifestations- Then THIS PROGRAM IS FOR YOU.

STOP POURING ENERGY INTO THE THINGS NO LONGER SERVING YOU. Let's work together to create something MORE for you.

Network marketing besties
“I was able to open up freely with communication, with a very difficult person. Thanks Chelsea Hutson for your amazing readings.”
Brandy B.
“Wow!!!! I’m always surprised even though I know I shouldn’t be! This is absolutely the answers i had no idea i needed! Thank you for this and shout out to my spirit guides for always being able to tell you what I’m to stubborn to listen to myself!!”
spiritual tool healing crystals
Ashley C.
“WOW! Just wow….. I am speechless honestly. That is crazy how accurate it is…..I am in complete awe right now!”
Amelia Toner

Your FULLY CUSTOMIZED 30-day program with SUPPORT & BONUSES will be ready in just 2-5 days and will be delivered to your email address via PDF. (there will be multiple PDF's)

I can't wait to work with you!!

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